Trappers and hounds

Don’t worry I know that. Just find either an unfortunate trapper I didn’t see firing behind me, or I dodge into a crate/poxwalker I didn’t see instead of the other way.

Also most important change this game ever received was Mk4 Chain axe light actually staggering trappers. Felt absolutely horrible when it didn’t.

I usually keep that thang (las pistol) strapped on me so I can put a hole through a trapper’s head should the need arise.

The only issue with trappers I have is that trappers can actually totally brick you and make you wait like 10 mins for death if you’re an ogryn or high HP zealot and unfortunate enough to get trapped in a spot that has no enemies and can’t be reached by allies. The net corrupts your HP bar EXTREMELY slowly. It already feels bad enough to be netted without being able to get help, the net should just kill you after a minute or something.

I will say the audio has gotten really good. It was busted for a while, but I haven’t experienced a silent special in a long time now. Unless people are getting issues from different hardware setups or settings or something I’m inclined to say complaining about silent specials at this point is a skill issue.

An issue that will forever be a problem. It’s the main reason you will never see a functional melee Ogryn in higher end play, if they are doing their job of running in and taunting the enemy horde, they are also immediately trappered and killed with absolutely no counterplay as the trapper is behind a horde, can shoot through it, and stopping to try and deal with it in any fashion will just result in instant death from the horde still aggroed on to you.

In higher end play the only real counter is to run a gun set up (it’s the main reason you see so many Psykers besides just the nicety of high wave clear, being a class meant to sit in the corner and spam range with good doges really helps this issue feel a lot less painful) or be a Zealot with a knife dancing specifically around the edge of the horde and never going into it. The moment you try and walk into the horde (despite your class/abilities easily allowing you to do so) you will just die.

The only other counterplay is to alt - F4 and pray your team lasts long enough for you to reconnect, it’s the main strat I tend to use especially since I’m trying to suffer through the Ogryn Penances. Taking a wounds worth of health damage feels appropriate for trying to do your job, not literally insta dying and wiping your whole team because the tank fell over to something they literally could not do anything to stop xD.



The game just needs a “give up” button for moments like this. And other times when it’s just more beneficial to die instead of getting picked up again.



Not hearing anything sometimes until the trap goes off…

i don’t know about the difference between the xbox and the computer but sounds are still an issue on the xbox there are supposed to be able to hear them talking and walking and the sound right before they fire at best on xbox you get the fire queue and usually it’s late. It’s not a skill issue Auric Malestroms are complete able.

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I don’t know completing Auric Malestorms are not an issue so it’s not skill. You can’t dodge or not get hit when they pop up behind you and you don’t get the sound queue its firing.

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That’s the point when you rely on teammates, to cover each other.

Again, fail at not getting caught and staying near teammates - the wipe is well deserved.

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Unless you just happen to be unlucky and dodge into the nets path or the direction its being fired from !

You just lost EVERYONE bruh. I am sorry for your loss.

Ay man, the trapper wind up is all you need. Like how you dont need to hear the sniper jingle and just need the ping sound. It’s just bonus points if you hear them moving around.

It’s not good that the lag is bad in the game and despite pressing the key to dodgy, it’s roulette as to whether you dodge or not.

Especially as the chances are the things just spawned right behind you.

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All I can say to that is: Play using headphones. You should be able to tell which direction it’s coming from by sound alone.

Definitely sucks when things are our of our control. Blame it on the lobby host. :joy: Frikin Fatshark.

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