Trapper is the worst enemy in the game change my mind

ok so before I begin I want to say I love this game very much and am generally happy with how things are turning out. Now then I want to know is who the is the heretic who thought having an enemy that can insta-down you and run away to do it to your teammates was a good idea this enemy tilts me off the face of terra every time. While it is easy to kill when you spot it that the problem it has no clear way of letting you when one is near tox bursters have a loud and clear sound to indicate suicide bomber is nearby while pox hounds howl tox flamers have the wind up sound of their flamer before firing and bombers have a delay to their explosives. I have lost count how many times this heretic has come from dark alley to net me or a teammate and dip out before we have had a chance to even shoot at it. he/she/it seems to have usain bolt level of speed for how quick it sprints to cover and it makes it just a nightmare to deal with espically when it decides to net you while you are swarm by a horde best moment ive seen that made me want to send my fist through my monitor was when it netted me in a horde for a pox blamer and a bomber to throw all their AOE on me while im downed and when im revived what happens? another DIFFERENT trapper nets me the second im up. so im up for either change or remove i prefer the later since most enemies the game are fine (except the snipers shooting through the walls but thats another story)

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The worst enemies are the basic burst fire gunners… Stun locking you through darkness and fog, ignoring cover, and (very bravely) continuing to fire even up to a few feet away. Trapper seems fine in comparison. Just listen for her annoying voice.


plague ogryn takes the blint and there are 2 armoured rages and mauler casualy walking in while trapper spawn right behind your back.

there is a loud noise telling you when she’s about to trap you, just dodge the net!

Sudden beeping as the Director spawns four pox bursters.


What class are you using and when is this happening to you? @commissarAurelious

Q: If Trappers are giving you a problem, what tools do you have to beat them?

A: They’re nice enough to get into charge range for melee classes and psykers can force push, Vets should have ZERO issue with trappers as they have grenades and Focus Fire to highlight them in a fight.

This is part of the learning curve. Once players figure out sprinting is bad, wasting all their stamina, this will change.

Trappers have the most forgiving dodge timing; you have a full second it seems.

The giggle and laugh when they approach are female voiced and have an electric sound charge up, which is distinct enough to recognize.

Reviving a teammate stuck in a trap is VERY quick, the most frustrating thing about the trapper is your teammates who are doing whatever in the emperor’s name to sustain instead of picking you up, which is your fault for allowing them to trap you.

I would prefer a trapper over sniper EVERY time, why?

They have to run to you and get in range, and if they hit or miss, they run away to reload. Trappers don’t go into melee, or even drag you away. (which I would ask they do to make the trapper similar to the hook rat).

I usually run on Malice (diff 3) but I do not notice any damage coming from the electric cage you are stuck in. I personally think this damage (and the hound pounce DoT) is tuned down so people don’t freak out as much.

Snipers are BY FAR the most frustrating of the specials. they can 1 shot you at 1 wound easily and they can snipe from any range, they only make sound when they are lining up a shot. Way less forgiving.

I HATE the trapper (mainly because either I haven’t identified the sound that there’s one, or there isn’t one).

But…as much as I hate being incapacitated completely…I realize that without this guy or the odd hound that actually blindsides me…the game might be too easy and there would be no fear factor.

Honestly the mutant and the trapper are the worst. The trapper just sprints towards you, attack wind up is way too fast and gives you little time to deal with it when you are in a horde (can’t sidestep the net when your surrounded). It also doesn’t help that you get dragged forward for some reason when you get netted. The mutants turning needs a hard nerf. I’ve seen this dude pull an almost 90 degree turn radius around a wall to hit myself and teamates.


Actually, i find hound clipping through a bulwark in a horde lot more frustrating. Trappers and dreg flammers have a very distinctive voice/sound, giving you (at 90%) chance to hear them from afar, allowing you to prepare.

And then ofcourse mutant. Mutant is the most frustrating special, especially when director Ai spawns three at a same time on heresy and damnation.

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That’s the problem, on Heresy and above, the Director loves to spawn the Trappers around corners near you or practically right behind you, depending on location, and this can seriously screw the team over from “doing fine” to “This is a wipe” in just seconds. So the only audio cue you will get is the weapon charging up, which is only a second of an alert. Depending on what’s going on, this is not enough time for you to get out of the way.

What’s quirky about the mutant turning is that he is unable to follow you if you strafe him when he stops his charge. He’ll just slowly circle on the spot and you can slap him to death easily since mutant takes 3X melee damage like hound (but he’s a maniac class instead of infested). Also if you are on one of the many staircases with a landing and a mutant is locked onto you, walking across the stairwell so you shift from the top portion to the descending bit makes him freeze no matter where he is. Clearly a glitch but man it is useful.

I have noticed that happen to me, but only once. The AI is also really aggressive about moving up to use trapped players as bait the higher the difficulty. I’ve noticed they tend to counter attack when people start going down/getting trapped.

yeah, it gets super nutty the moment someone gets trapped, it’s pretty much a guaranteed Zealot nade or Ogryn bullrush moment to save the trapped person, otherwise they might as well be an instant down. Combined with the quirks (had a rare moment when a trapper shot twice in quick succession and made us panic, thank god for Zealot save) of the AI, playing upper difficulties can be stressful without premades and even with premades, it can quickly get stressful!

The game gets pretty punishing of mistakes. I haven’t done any Damnation yet, but you can usually track a failed Heresy run to “this player made a bad choice and it caused the chain reaction to failure” lol

Worst enemy is the beast of nurgle. Needs to be ranged in most situations. Awful to fight in melee. The bosses in vermintide were way better although plague ogryn is fun and balanced like vermintide.

I don’t enjoy how the beast’s attack to eat a player is like frame 2. For how punishing that is there should be a dodge window.

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Trappers are by far the easiest to dodge. If trappers are your problem, you got other problems

They can fake you out by playing the firing noise and not firing, then firing. I reported it, but apparently it’s ‘not a bug’

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It’s either a bug or malevolent design. I’ve noticed that several specials can kinda animation-cancel when you react to them. Trapper canceling her shot to re-aim is up there with the dog running up the wall after being shoved so he can drop down on you.

Did they up the spawn rate of them?
I lost 6 malice games malice today and 4 of them involved multiple trappers spawning at once and just netting 2 of us while a hord was going on.
Worst was 2 trappers a dog and a horde with other specials in it.
Whole team just got full hp then walked out to fight in a group and the first net hits and 3 of us go down in 5 seconds and the last guy is now just getting swarmed.