Toughness Bleedthrough and flamer units with dodge changes

Before the change I wasn’t too annoyed about the fact that flame thrower enemy units could instantly delete your toughness bar, stagger you instantly, and burn part of your health in one fire blast. However now with all these changes being unable to dodge the fire and toughness bleed, I really think we need to balance the flame thrower unit. Its fine that it instantly does at max 200+ damage to VET’s tougness or the x amount of toughness you have, I could care less how much it does, but the stagger is super infuriating. You can’t run without flinching or dodge it once you get hit because the nerfs meaning in hordes you just get smacked because you’re staggered lock and don’t even get me started if there are range units with the flamer behind the horde, just say goodbye if they didn’t kill the flamer.

I just want see if it was just me that is slowly starting to get annoyed of flamer units after all these changes. It feels like before they were a really strong Skaven Warpfire thrower, but now it feels like its a Skaven Warpfire thrower that instantly removes your temp health on hit and staggers you.