Total Lack of Reconnecting to Games

Is there a technical reason why it’s impossible to reconnect to any game under any circumstance?

  • If you lose connection to host for 5~ seconds due to their lag, the game auto-drops you and claims to be ‘attempting to reconnect’, but literally never works, timing out for 3 minutes then spitting you back into single player lobby.

  • If your personal connection drops for 5~ seconds, the game auto-drops you into single player lobby.

  • If host drops from his own game, the game spits back “Joining Host X”, which is a different player, but hard resets the game and usually also very rarely works, most of the time spitting you back into single player lobby.

  • If you lose connection with a game, but have the host in your Friends/Recently Played list, you cannot reconnect to the game via the Steam options; the attempt times out with a “Broken Connection” error.

  • If your Friend is running a Deeded mission, you cannot connect to his game due to an error, “Player is running a Deed mission.”

Under multiple scenarios, literally any connection hiccup from any angle results in players losing all mission progress, often also losing 30+ minutes of their life for no reward. It’s pretty unfair, unfun, and extremely antiquated in 2018.


Have to agree the whole server / network / reconnection / transfer host situation is probably the worst of any online games I have played. I mean the original Age of Empires II would let you pause and wait to re-establish connection, or save and restore multiplayer sessions after someone had crashed or connected… and that came out almost two decades ago!

Then you probably haven’t played that many games online. I’ve found most games playable online don’t have any mechanisms to gracefully handle disconnects. I mean yes, it’s admirable that AoE2 handled this fantastically, but let’s not even imply that that’s the standard (even though it’s the gold-standard).


Please add host ragequit also ><;

Good post.

I’ve played a ton lol pretty fair mix of fps, rts, and mmo. You make a good point a lot don’t gracefully handle disconnects and now that I think about it I got into most of my other games a good while after they had released and were more stable. With the exception of Left4Dead which was just amazingly polished on release

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