To-do list before you scream and complain

I never said that the type of gameplay I liked was left click spam. What ever gave you that idea?

Anyway, it’s pretty clear I’m just wasting my breath here. You don’t care how anyone else wants to play as you think there’s a “right” way, and Fatshark seems to have a pretty similar attitude.

I wish I could just have my old game back.


Yet again generalized complaints and accusations but absolutely nothing of substance.

90% of the time you are perfectly fine with simply dodging around the enemies and cutting them down, with an occasional push. How is this so vastly different from what the game was before 2.0? You are “wasting your breath here” but you haven’t even begun to explain your point, still.

What’s the alternative to dodging, attacking and pushing? If it’s not just left click spam then what? Am I missing something? Do people just spam jump in a circle or…?
Enlighten me.
Or don’t.

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If you try really hard, do you think you could make your tone any more condescending? That would probably make more people want to engage with you in a meaningful discussion.

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Hammer+shield is still terrible, specifically because of it’s poor super-armor/boss damage.

Also conflag burn battlewizard trivializes hordes solo from ranged without resource constraints. In fact the build overall probably got a buff from this patch. Pretty much the only downside is chaos warriors.

I can’t take anything that @Voidq says seriously.

Mainly because of the fact that all that has happened is the meta has shifted 180. Now heavy stagger weapons are meta and as a result have much lower time to kill.

You can still do the same things people used to do on 1.6 or whatever. You just have to adapt and use a different weapon. Salty’s billhook is a good example. That thing just absolutely puts most of his other weapons to shame.

The point here is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the “coop experience” that’s making it different for you. You were using underpowered, non-meta load-outs before and now that those same load-outs are extremely meta you’re getting all giddy in your pants and telling everyone else who is lamenting about their bladed DPS weapons sucking to “git gud” essentially.



this game just feels like crap to play now honestly, instead of playing i sit on forums now reading what everyone else is feeling and im in the same boat. I just play league now and wait for changes maybe if not, ill beg for refund.

I feel like it’s mostly because you’re not at max lvl anymore. At hero lvl 34-35 I find legend to be really smooth pretty much as it was pre-WoM.

And today they apparently even nerfed every difficulty it seems.

I didn’t know that falcaxe, exec sword, dual axes, 2h sword (kerr) … etc. were ever considered UNDERPOWERED non-meta garbage but okay. Liked using those before, still using them now and they all work the same, as viable as ever.

Anyway, still not seeing any logical points being brought up whatsoever.
Everyone just recycles the same old “Everything is bad and feels terrible and I can’t explain why and the only suggestion I’m capable of producing is REVERT ALL, FATSHARK” and when that fails people start weeping about how offended they are.
Textbook example of how to argue online without any actual arguments. It’s funny how it always goes the exact same way almost as if there was an actual textbook for it.

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Dual axes were underpowered garbage compared to what they were on the previous builds of the game when 2.0 went live on Tuesday.

I am not sure where they stand now after today’s patch.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re objectively clueless about this game.

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I guess I’m also a hacker then when clearing Cata with these underpowered garbage weapons and everyone in the lobby having 180+ ping.
Completely unplayable.

You’ve heard it here first folks. If you’re able to adapt to minor changes that makes you objectively clueless, naturally.

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And now you turn to condescending statements about skill level. LOL

Just pack your s*** and leave dude. Your “feedback” isn’t constructive at all and basically no one agreed with you anyway.

Personally I didn’t find the changes that daunting but that’s a different story entirely.


Had you not poisoned the well by attacking everyone who’s unhappy, pretending all their complaints are invalid (“try actually reading”, “try to adapt and learn”, “whiners”), like they haven’t read things and haven’t adapted and learned, and had you not intentionally been obtuse, pretending there isn’t a debate over actual difficulty vs artificial difficulty, you might’ve gotten people to engage with you.

But it’s evident you don’t actually want to engage with them, you would have taken a look outside of this thread if you did. You wanted to provoke people, that you could look around and act like you were in the right and there’s no validity to their complaints, that they’re irrationally angry and bad at the game.


Locking post as I’m not comfortable with where this is headed. Much love.