Tips for improving stream?

Getting a real jpeg’ed look when I stream this game. Anything I can do to improve quality before I need to start changing out my hardware?

Well, what are you doing and using now?

I got my upload speed in game set to 2 mb. Hardware is a GTX 970 with an FX 9590 for CPU and 16 GB of ram. On obs my stream is at 1280x720, bicubic scaling, 3352 bitrate

I’ll have to go look at my settings on OBS. It’s been ages since I streamed. I remember my stream always looked like crap unless I cranked the bit rate up. Then someone told me I was using the wrong codec or something. Hopefully some real streamers on here can help.

I’ve done a lot of testing with this type of stuff since I’m in a region where internet has basically just received modern speeds (going to be upgrading soon \o/). So I’ve been streaming in the ~3000 bitrate range for a while.

The general rule of thumb is the lower the bitrate the slower the encoding preset and/or the lower the resolution.
i.e if you’re in the 3000 range you’ll want to have your encoder preset at “medium”. This, of course, will put more stress on your system.
On the other hand, at 2800 bitrate I stream at 480p on a “veryfast” preset and it comes out fine enough.

I find that 720p need a lot higher bitrate to not have the pixels showing.

Here are 2 examples I have:
The first being 480p, ~2800 bitrate, “veryfast” preset.
The second being 720p, ~3000 bitrate, “fast” preset.

(EDIT: Links removed to due to video expiration)

You can see that the 480p doesn’t have the pixels showing up, but it has sort of a soft blur look.
The 720p has the pixels popping up all over the place.

Overall, I think it comes mostly down to bitrate. I hope this helps you out a bit.


This is really helpful! Thanks, bro!


i have a rtx 2060 and used the nividia capture option
its ok, really limits your hardware, was able to stream 1080 but only at 30 fps but it would dip a lot
720p ran just fine but, like you stated, it would be displayed as bicubic and it just looked really bad.

So I eneded up buying elgato 60 S for streaming
It is not bad, it will capture at 1080p but only if you record the capture. It will stream at 720p but in full window. also you can adjust the upload rate. i have it set to 4 mbs. I could go higher but it looks fine at 4mbs I think you need like 18 mbs for 1080p, which I mean eats up a lot upload bandwidth…

Now, issues with this. Sound setup is very finicky, It usually fine as long as you setup everything and do a quick test run before you actually go live, if you are just using twitch. Options to upload to your youtube account as well and many other social media sites.

built in functions are pretty nice and easy to use. Nothing too complexe about the software. Pretty straight forward.

I am going to try it on my xbox360 and switch and see how it performs on that hardware.