Timing out after matches/ loading screen

The past week or so I’ve noticed that I have a 25% chance of loading back into Helmgart quickly & successfuly after a match. Not much else to say except the longest I’ve waited before exiting the game and restarting, or getting a broken connection message was around 25 minutes. I am guessing the broken connection messages are from the host backing out and restarting the game due to the extremely long loading times.

Platform : Xbox
Rate: Almost every match, sometimes it’s normal and loads within a minute

Sorry to hear this - I’ve popped your report over to our console crew.

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Could you PM me your Gamertag please?

How can i pm u i got the same problem with Backend Error.

My log:console-2019-04-26-13.49.43-f90b6792-7484-4b23-be2f-79b751733610.log (38.7 KB)

Hi @HFSAlex, please create a new post (in the ‘Technical Support’ category) describing your issue and include as much information as possible including a screenshot of the error and how often it occurs, whether there’s any pattern to it, etc. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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