Timeline Shadows over Bögenhafen

I think we have no actually timeline for SoB. Neither when it takes part in relation to the Helmgart / Dark Omen / Castle Drachenfels campaigns, nor the internal timeline.

So out of curiousity: How much time do you think passed between the Pit and Blightreaper? Or to get to the actual point of the question, was Father Kraussman already dead while we investigated the Pit?

You may want to clarify SoB → Shadows over Bogenhafen


I always assume the order of maps is the same as their release. When I was new to VT1 I assumed castle drachenfels took place between acts of the Ubersreik campaign. I don’t remember exactly which dialogue conviced me it was otherwise but there was something.
Dialogues in the game often refer to previous banter (like kerillian in old haunts commenting how saltzpyre couldn’t make it up the hill if he was actually a steam tank).
Regarding VT1, it comes to mind a dialogue in the keep in VT2, where sienna and kruber reminesce about the good old days (don’t remember the exact dialogue) which puts their adventures in the DLC order - ubersreik, drachenfels, karak azgaraz, stromdorf, river reik, waylaid.

Regarding VT2 I’d say the same principle applies. Some degree of confusion arose with return to castle drachenfels DLC, appearing first in the map selection. I suppose that’s a dev decision, so new players see that’s playable - free - while if it was in a later position, they might not notice it amidst payed DLCs.
So that’d mean:
Helmgart - I do have trouble deciding on the order inside, given the act structure. Olysa’s post mission dialogues helped a bit there, but now they are sadly inaccessible.
Shadows over Bogenhafen
Return to Ubersreik
A Quiet Drink
Winds of Magic
The Curse of Drachenfels
Chaos Wastes

(I do enjoy making vermintide-related lists)
Admittedly it’s unclear how much time occurs between the pit and the blightreaper, I think we could have used Oleysa’s post mission dialogues there as well. The end and beginning remind me of Stromdorf DLC, they are the 2 sides of a river. But my guess would be that more time occurred than between the two Stromdorf maps: returning to the keep our heroes will have informed Lonher - politely, ofc - that he was oh so wrong and that based on the evidence gathered in the warehouse (the stolen grain which spread the plague in the pit was stolen from the rich part of town) they would have to travel there. Then I guess our dear innkeeper pulled some strings and was able to find out about the real deal. It’s one of Lonher’s very rare mistakes, but admittedly it kinda makes sense: the plague spread much more quickly in the Pit, given the poor living conditions. It’s a bit harder to explain that massive presence of chaos and skaven forces there, since they knew about the Blightreaper, but I suppose they too, must have assumed the sword would be there - because the effect of the corruption was much stronger there.


So this, I suppose, would be what Oleysa told our heroes inbetween those maps:
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 | Shadows Over Bögenhafen DLC Trailer - YouTube

To be honest, there’s one thing which really doesn’t make sense to me, and that’s that given its corrupting effect on its surrounding, they put it adjacent the Izrakrak in the trophy room XD
The description of the Izrakrak is “a dwarven luck stone, if corrupted, is bad luck all the way”

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Yea, I know that line. It is the reason why I tried to push a Chaos Rune Sword campaign once. Something along the line:

  • Lohner found texts claiming that some Dwarfs found a way to destroy the Rune Swords
  • visit to an old overrun Karak
  • entering the workshop
  • using the Izkaraz to destroy the Rune Swords also resulting in the Izkaraz being destroyed (or being warped enough to transform into a being of Chaos which has to be killed)

Result: Less Chaos Rune Swords in the world. Optionally, the U5 could be sent out to find at least one or two other Runeswords before going to the Karak. I always though it would be reasonable enough to claim that the U5 sealed another Chaos Runesword in the Trial of the Foolhardy. Would give an excuse to return to a reworked Wizard’s Tower. Another Chaos Rune Sword could be with a Beastmen Lord.

But frankly, I don’t know if Lore not already covers the other supposed existing Chaos Rune Swords. Only one mentioned is within another Necromancer which seems to be story-relevant for the greater game, so you can’t send the U5 there.

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I’m quite attached to the Izrakrak, partly because it’s dwarven, partly because getting it is the hardest challenge in the entire game :stuck_out_tongue:
But a followup to SoB to destroy the blightreaper before it corrups the keep sounds great, and it would provide a good reason to return to Khazid Kro, which is even better.
A friend of mine, judging from the images in Lonher’s posts, thinks fatshark has been porting some of those locations, so maybe it’s happening :smiley:
We can hope. I’m really excited about CW, but it’s probably not going to scratch my new maps itch.