Story and Career Timeline

On the website, Fatshark wrote really detailed and interesting stories about how the characters came to or embraced their new careers. With the timeline of the second game seeming to take place immediately after the events of the first game (specifically after Waylaid), when do the characters go through the changes into their new careers?

Are we to assume these career changing events occur during the events of the second game, after Waylaid, or between the DLC missions of the first game and Waylaid?

Post your thoughts or answers, if you have them.

“Gameplay-side” (as it’s not really gameplay), you are playing as Foot Knight in the tutorial, which is directly after Waylaid, so it would be during VT1, BUT, it’s just for gameplay purpose, so I guess it’s during VT2 :confused:

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That would most likely suggest picking up the new paths at some point after the completion of the basic plot of the first game, and probably at least some of the DLCs. I can easily imagine the events of Drachenfels wavering Victor’s faith in the church organization (but not Sigmar himself), driving himself towards the path of Bounty hunter or diving even deeper into the mad faith as Zealot. Or Bardin getting reminded of his past as Ironbreaker when getting into touch with other dwarves, or diving into the desperation of a Slayer after seeing what happened to them. Hmm… Wasn’t one of Slayer’s warcries “For Halgrim!”? Similar thing is quite possible for Markus, Kerillian is alredy having prophetic dreams as a Waystalker and Sienna is, well, Sienna, who doesn’t seem to need much prompting to deviate from her earlier career.


So here’s my take on the timeline: first you play through the events of the base game ending with the “death” of the white rat. Then the DLCs Drakenfells, Karak Azgaraz, Stromdorf, and Death on the Reik. Sometime during the end of the white rat and Waylaid I’d say our heros went on some side quests such as Victor meeting with his superiors and either speaking his mind, getting reprimanded, and becoming a bounty Hunter, getting promoted to captain, or losing faith in the order and becoming fanatical. At some point they return to Ubersreik at Lohnets request to investigate the rumors of a new Skaven warlord emerging. Before they can head out to investigate the red moon inn is attacked and the heros are drawn into a trap and captured in waylaid. Upon escaping in the prolouge of V2 the heros then start the carreer they had decided on at the end of the first game. I could be wrong but that’s my theory. It’d be cool if they’d make a short comic or even a level where you play it out like Kruber getting knighted but it’s hard to say cause there is no ‘cannon’ class. Personally I play Mercenary Kruber, Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre, Handmaiden Kerillian, ironbreaker Bardin, and unchained Sienna. It’d be cool to see how they all go there.

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I think skayer bardin says “Okagrim” [wich would translate in “Skillfull Harsh Attack” ] But i completely agree with your point of view concerning the changes of class!