Time for another Community Cataclysm Playthrough

I dont quite understand why you feel so strong about those people. Its Cata. You dont play it to make it through the map. I encounter people who obviously dont know what they are doing every day and all that does is amuse me.
Waystalker not noticing the Patrol sounds nor two wheel messages? Pulls Patrol, quits, has the luck to get into the same lobby again via QP after we dealt with it and pulls another one half way through the map. Happened Yesterday. Makes me actually giggle writting that.

Sticking together is also …not what usually happens. Whoever I got picked up, or picked up from my FL and me just stick to each other and we move through the map at our pace. The other ones always catch up. You either have to stop for a Monster, Pat, a beafy wave, or they just happen to be laying tied on the ground right infront of us.

Iam really not sure what you want from your Cata experience. There is nothing important at the end of the map and it feels a lot better if everything went wrong and you still made it into the bridge.

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As far as i know he is gone for good, he said in that podcast Aory is doing with his bud that he doesn’t want his pupils to see him streaming and stuff, a decision which resulted from him becoming (more?) serious in his job. He is now managing e-sport events for his school district too which sounded pretty neat. Go listen to it if you want, was a nice nostalgic flashback, like a last hurrah from jsat.

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That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update. I can understand him wanting to be a bit more private because of teaching.

That’s some good input, thank you

Basically yeah you are right but people also need to understand the different intricacies like special spawns, threat value, boss triggers to really put it all together.

Because I fear when you tell them, don’t rush ahead - you need to explain to why this is bad - because I.E. you trigger a boss when a horde is inbound for example.

I have a vision of the basics in my head, it’s more of not overcomplicating these intricacies what’s bother me and explaining it in an enough easy way for them to get a grasp for it.

And tha shouldn’t be the norm for Cata players

You shouldn’t have to put up with people not knowing what they will cause when running ahead, away or whatever.

I think if people understood, they would maybe do it less - or atleast that’s what I hope

Yes that’s also a good point. I do think only rush intervention is kind of a very usefull info to know. The amount of special spawns, cooldown timers between hordes, threat values are all optional and not really required to be given to the player inside the game. You mostly get a feel of those things when playing alot, same with boss triggers, it’s mostly experience and i hope that someone who is going cata atleast knows most boss spawns and that rush intervention or pacing exists, but in qp i don’t really expect players to know all that, those situations, like pulling boss + horde Will happen sooner or later and i don’t think the game should let you know all potential boss triggers, 3rd party sites or guides are perfect for this as they are more advanced but not really required to have a complete understanding off, if you know what i mean? Like before i knew there were set boss triggers i just knew certain spots had a big chance to give a boss just by playing those maps alot. Rush intervention would be good to know but actually also not really, because if they teach you to stay close to your team or in proximity then rush intervention doesn’t rlly matter to fully understand.

The Double/Triple XP weekends have got a lot to answer for in that people blasted up to level 35 and think that automatically makes them Legend/Cata ready.

I am also very wary of people telling other people how to play a game they’ve paid for. Things like “Don’t rush ahead” with some reasoning is fine, but who’s got time for lengthy explanations mid-game?

Also, spamming “Come Here!” Is almost guaranteed that I don’t go there. being bossy is annoying.

The OP’s entire opening paragraph could describe anyone at every level. IF you want to see idiotic mistakes go to Champion and Veteran. The runs get significantly harder because people just do dumb stuff, triggering patrols, tootling along at one mile and hour wondering why it’s wingsuit assassin central, going toe to toe with a Spawn as RV with 1h hammer… and so on. This is the nature of QP (and people in general). People who play like this often get thumped about, killed, hooked, poisoned and generally battered through the level - BUT A LOT OF THE TIME THEY’RE HAVING A BLAST and don’t see the need to change. They’re having a great time and consider bosses/hookrats/assassins as part of the game and dying is just something that happens a lot.

Putting this line in three quarters of the way through a rant-post gave me a chuckle.

If you’re expecting people to not do dumb stuff in QP, I’m not sure where to go with that. Unless good players actively change their behaviour to support those less capable then it’s an echo chamber. People who stay, get downed a lot, but keep fighting should have your support during the run surely? Playing as Kruber alongside a Sienna who gets downed a lot, you’d stick with her? Help her back to her feet? Or expect her to suddenly improve to your level? Your own behaviour is the only thing you can improve in QP, If it rubs off on someone else - great.

Everything else should be accepted as part-and-parcel of QP.

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Not gonna lie, I am getting pretty tired of people misreading the post and coming up some sort of ‘‘edgy’’ reply.
I have never said people aren’t allowed to play for fun neither have I ever said that I spam come here or act in an aggressive way.¨

You offer no constructive options to any of this thread other than coming in here feeling offended and actually shifting the blame to “good players”

Great, you aren’t making any sort of effort in any way to improve or are you just blaming everyone else then?

This thread obviously is directed at people who WANT to improve.
If you think that you have nothing to improve upon great, you are the best.
Keep on walking.

It’s greatly about cata qp. Champion an veteran being bad is fine and you don’t expect them to know stuff and just run around blindly. But in cata you expect some kind of knowledge. Meme builds in cata are fine because the most fundamental skills stay in the player with whatever build he is using. There is a difference however, if a player in cata is new and maybe lets his team know thats great and i’d be happy to help anyone asking or even just accepting critisism. But it’s a difference between players willing to learn and those who ragequit, blame team, kill you because you touched them with 1 tick of conflag fire, rush forward because it’s easy untill i die. For me it’s not about if we fail, it’s how we fail and how the mentality is. I have stayed in groups even if we failed tons, just because it was fun. And i 100% agree that my own behaviour is a big part.

The thing is about teaching players mechanics who maybe don’t know them, or how it would be best to let players understand certain actions. Ofcourse the players who want to learn, as you will always have types of players in qp that don’t want to learn.

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Yes I am ware that boss or patroll pulling will eventually happen, but what I would like to do is show people how to successfully come out ontop of this situation.
You can get out of most difficult situations with the right decision making or positioning.

Rush Intervtion is advanced for a beginner yes, and probably helps to know.
I was just saying that if you explain that if you run away from your team this thing called rush intervention is triggered and that makes the game harder for yourself and your team which isn’t necessary.
I was think if you explain it why it is bad people might understand why it is better to stick together.
Not only for survival purposes but also you trigger stuff that is unnecessary.

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I get that, but this is your expectations and people who’ve paid for Cata gonna play it whether they’re any good or not. Making dumb mistakes as Champion won’t suddenly stop when they play Legend or Cata, unless they’re nurtured and shown how to get better by someone who is prepared to invest a little time.

This is my point about the XP weekends, if people have got to the point they think they’re ready for Cata without knowing whether to pull a patrol or not, then being in a Cata run isn’t suddenly going to make it a big revalation to them. Going into Cata in QP assuming everyone is going to know higher level “habits” is setting yourself up for disappointment I think. People who shouldn’t be there are. This used to be complained about a lot when Legend was the top tier.

@Radina.Shevu post#20 probably summed it up better than me. Expectations of other players in Cata are miles away from reality, and always will be.

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I know that. That’s why i adjust depending on how good my teammates are. But it still bothers me when someone does basic things like rushing alone, or blaming others for their mistakes. I know thats in a persons nature and i’ve done it aswell.

This isn’t about what to except from qp tho, it’s about how to teach players who wanna improve and learn in an easy to understand, not overwhelming matter.