Question to FS: Can people only play the new Difficulty through DLC?

I want to be able to play with as many people as possible in quickplay on the new Cataclysm difficulty. Even though I’m paying for WoM I’m hoping that players without the DLC will be able to use quickplay to join a match, since at least they should not be able to host their own Cata match.

My question to the Devs. Will people without WoM still be able to play Cataclysm in some way?

If it’s anything like the other DLCs, as long as one person in the party has it, the rest can do it. Cata is probably not something you want to really QP into anyway. Find a group in Legend that can clear full book runs with zero issues and then que them up for Cata.

Would be nice to get an official statement on this though.


I’m not too worried about playing with randoms on Cataclysm. In the beta, as long there was one tank on the team things often went fine. Especially if I’m the tank :wink:.

Obviously the answer was not.
I’m still waiting for a dev response about this change of policy.
Cata was a free dlc in VT1. As it is we can’t even host cata or weaves to our friends.