Make Cataclysm FREE in quick play

Make it free for everyone in every mode everywhere no DLC required


Gib 100k gold plz

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Paywalling a difficulty setting is not something I’ve heard of before, and to have it paywalled behind a DLC as expensive as WoM is even worse. You can’t even play Cata with friends who don’t own the DLC.

The whole point of Cataclysm was to provide challenge (hence the lack of extra loot), having it locked behind a substantial paywall is splitting the community further.

I’m going to pretend for a second that it isn’t unfriendly to the consumer, both for those who did and didn’t buy the DLC.

Considering how few games I can find at any given time; dividing up the player base in any way is a major threat to the future of this title. Even a couple fewer games at any given time, and I don’t even boot up the game to check. It’s a feedback loop that has murdered many a game.

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