Cataclysm DLC

Hey Fatshark,

Could you PLEASE not make hardcore difficulties a DLC item?

I purchased Winds of Magic to play Cataclysm in Vermintide 2 (since I played Cata as soon as I unlocked it in Vermintide 1) but nothing I could do would convince my friends to buy the DLC as well so I ended up spending the money for no reason :frowning:

I support you guys in any way I can, but I really have to say that this decision to release Cata on Vermintide as DLC was super disappointing.

Thanks for hearing me out


Couldn’t agree more!

By telling them that you support them in any way you can just means that they expect you’ll be buying whatever DLC they put out, including any potential “increased difficulty” DLCs.

As someone who has bought every VT2 extra, even if I don’t intend to use it, I’m kindly reminding them once again that the WoM cata wall is probably the worst decision they have made for VT2, including the game-within-game weave concept.