Tied up in strange positions

Issue Summary: Occasionally, when respawned, the character will show up in very strange position. Lower body keeps squirming as it should when tied up, but the upper body of the character looks like it’s holding the equipped (melee) weapon. while this does look hilarious, it’s also a bit distracting and frankly, weird.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Die
  2. ???
  3. Respawn in a weird position.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)

Additional Information: I have seen this most often on Kerillian, but today witnessed it on Victor too.

DxDiag.txt (76.2 KB)

console-2018-09-17-19.05.09-5F3BFE34-D5AC-433E-9B64-D359.log (2.4 MB)

Pretty sure this is what happens when you die while blocking.

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whoa, i got excited when reading the topic. like, really excited.

then i realised it was about vermintide

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when u go play as client and map is loading most players hold block because u will never know where u will spawn (mid horde). that was a common thing in vt1. so when u load in and need to be rescued that funny position start to kik in :smiley:

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