Fall to death when i respawn while lift was moving up in Righteous Stand

Issue Summary: When I join a game, I was falling down the lift shaft and die straightaway. So i figured i must have respawn when the lift was moving upward, and my character kerillian just fall straight away without any input.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Just login into Righteous Stand, esp when the NPC is standing on the lift and moving upward.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Once

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]

This has been a bug on the Console version as well, and I’ve personally seen it over a half dozen times (several of them myself loading in).

Had it happen to me twice last week lol.

Looks like this was recently patched out of the Xbox version. Can’t test as I have the Ultimate Edition lockout bug, but will check in once I can play again.

Arh… this bug happen on pc version… not sure if other version is affected as well.

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