Righteous stand - statue stairs bug

I made a similar topic to the Steam discussion page yesterday. I’ll copy/paste my story from there below.

This game has been a buggy wreck for a while now but I just witnessed something so incredibly stupid I have to share it with everyone. Also would be nice if the game actually worked properly for once so uh, devs. Yeah thanks.

I was playing as Sienna (Unchained) in a private game in the Righteous stand map. I got all the tomes and grimoires, fought the last horde near the statue, and everything was going perfectly fine. Then, when the last gate finally opened I decided to climb the swirly stairs down. You know, just for funzies. Usually you just jump down and the teleporter/gate/whatever let’s you survive without taking any fall damage. So, I was almost at the gate while climbing the stairs down when SUDDENLY I just dropped f*cking dead. Out of the blue, out of nowhere, splat. Dead. I was 2 meters away from beating the level. My ragdoll looked kinda funny but then I realized I had lost another 20 something minutes of my life to a match I get no rewards from.

I’ve played the game for over 100 hours and anything like this has never happened. Does anyone else had the same experience or know what the issue could be?

console-2023-03-01-21.29.11-1f1d7867-9084-4c08-92c0-225d586daab6.log (3.3 MB)

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