Game hanging on close

I just came back to my PC after a nap to find that vermintde had been hanging post game in steam all night. Discord read that it was playing still and I had to manually close it off again on steam. Happened a few times of late. Anyone know why this would happen?

While here gonna make an on-the-knees beg to please PLLEEEEASE fix the magic spawning mid swing anim Executioners! There were 5 of them sequentially human centipeding in our last match xD


I joined a run only to instantly see a guy walking towards enemies that suddenly despawn, with maulers spawning behind him…albeit thankfully not in mid-swing but still.

AI-director has been loaded with warpstone again.

It’s been like the beastmen 1.0 bum spawn stuff but with Maulers and monks- the WORST… and monk packs doing some on the spot breeding- that’s been awesome xD
ye… needs fixes right now. Just hope we get patched up before or with Sienna… before DT.

This happens to me 8 out of 10 times - the Vermintide Launcher process does not exit, so Steam, Discord etc think that I’m in game (because from their POV the launcher is the game). Started happening quite some time ago - maybe after the Sister update. I just manually kill the process in the task manager.

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Yeah, I noticed spawns are weird. Specials are spawning in peoples LoS or within 10ft of peole again and some have no sounds.

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Pretty sure I had a patrol spawn borderline in LoS with no sound cue the other day too. Definitely had mini hordes spawn several metres behind our group. It’s beyond tiring at this point. A no spawn radius around human controlled characters should have been implemented literally years ago.

I’ve had so many silent assassins and packmasters recently it disgusts me.

@Aqshy stuff in this thread all known issues on you guys’ end?


I use this batch script (save as a .BAT file) to automate closing all Vermintide 2 processes because this has been a recurring issue for months now:

@echo off
echo terminating Launcher.exe...
taskkill /IM Launcher.exe /F /T
echo terminating eac_launcher.exe...
taskkill /IM eac_launcher.exe /F /T
wmic process where "name='eac_launcher.exe'" delete
echo terminating vermintide2.exe...
taskkill /IM vermintide2.exe /F
taskkill /IM vermintide2_dx12.exe /F
echo terminating EasyAntiCheat.exe...
taskkill /IM EasyAntiCheat.exe /F
timeout /t 3

In the case of eac_launcher.exe, I also added wmic process where "name='eac_launcher.exe'" delete because taskkill can not always successfully terminate that process.

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Having to revalidating files so a common distributable redownloads.
Joining first match today and having no block with 6 shields on the screen, took the P a bit xD. Then 2 magic swingers up my bum killed me stone dead and THEN a berzerker targeting somebody else managed to kill me again in seconds… swinging 180 and 5ft away from me… through the cosmetic block. Like he was just throwing invisible axes. Instant rage quit and revalidating files again… these issues are getting worse. Almost all enemies are losing target mid attack animation and 180ing like just the rogers used to. And yet they all manage to ice skate seek and destroy Shade when she’s invisible! hahahaha! It’s the other way round we need it guys! lol.
Doesn’t stop me banging my head in the desk and venturing on, but has deterred me from playing cata as just too unstable to enjoy with the multimonking and swingers- they’re a 1 shot kill on our lasses! xD

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