Players spawn with all weapons in hand

Issue Description:
When players load in to a map and not switch weapons, their avatars appear to be holding both their ranged weapon, melee weapon and grenade in on hand.

From a players perspective you only see you melee or ranged weapon, which ever you spawned equipped with, but looking down you can see the grenade box for the Ogryn.

Switching weapons results, the graphical glitch gets fixed.

Steps to Reproduce:
Spawn in game, don’t interact with weapons and visually inspect you fellow players.
Ogryn, players can see their grenade box hanging in mid air, when looking downwards


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (75%)
I’ve seen it happen on every missions, but might be weapon combo’s were it doesn’t occur with.

Upload Supporting Evidence:
[Screenshots, recordings, links to Twitch VODs, etc.]

This happens with a lot of animations on load-in. not walking but gliding in the mourningstar for example. when do the devs start paying us for deving their game?