Throwing axes for Ironbreaker please?

Is there a reason behind this ? I can maybe accept not being thematically suitable for IB , but it feels like it would be an awesome weapon to complement his kit. Fighting in the frontline, spotting a hookrat in the horde–> 2 pushes to open up, axes to the face --> done. Then you can easily pickup the axes without needing to reload.
I don’t want to sound dissapointed, i’m mosltly wishful this can change as it did with flail and Saltz early beta last year before release.

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I mean, it’s not weirder than Ironbreaker being able to use a Crossbow.

Agree. I think he should be able to use it. The weird part, is SLAYER using it :wink:

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I think IB is fine without them he got his drake guns and his Flamethrower. Its ok that not every class can use every weapon.
Makes them feel more different for me in a good way.


It’s not really that weird.

He was already dual-wielding axes before. The only thing that’s changed is that now he’s throwing them.

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True. Following that train of thought maybe there should be 2 thrown at a time

What I meant though, was that slayer was melee only, and now he has a ranged attack. Not a bad thing, but weird. IB always could use ranged, so locking him out of those axes (or ranger for that matter) seems illogical

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If only the drake guns weren’t nerfed to being toys in higher difficulties… I feel like I’m shooting candy at specials with the drake pistols :frowning:

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Drake pistols are only good for shotgun so you can clear up your surroundings a bit

I Think they are fine for horde Clearing and making room with a quick weapon swap.
But yea its kind of hard killing specials with it on Legend, but when i use them on legend i rely on my Team to do so and concentrait on hords and unarmed and since im an xbox Player and didnt played cata with them cause im still waiting for the wom Patch i just can guess how many Shots they need to get a ratling Down there…

It is weird, actually.

Slayers rarely use ranged, in fact it is considered dishonerable for a dwarf already shamed to keep distance from his enemies and potential death.

But then again, V2 never was lore friendly and certainly not cannon.

Well, he isn’t really “keeping his distance from enemies and death”, he’s just chugging axes at them, waiting until he or they get into range. It’s not like he runs away once he’s out.

Also, it is canon.

Or, well, the first one was anyway.

Not having a range option on slayer meant certain conditions cannot be met on specific maps that require a range attack to activate should the Slayer find himself alone.

Skittergate solo with bots or downed players, means Bardin can’t get the 2nd grim. Like wise in Empire in Flames.

And it’s not like he’s hurling the axes great distances to snipe out someone. Forcing him to pick up his thrown axes rather than replenishing with ammo pick up is a fair balance. That’ll caution you to hurl it at a distant enemy who’s on a cliff side you cannot physically reach.

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