Ironbreaker optimal setup

Hello Umki!

i really enjoy the IB, maybe because for a casual player like me a class with so much survavibility it’s easier to master…i have almost skipped recruit and veteran and i’m sitting in champion mode having easy time…

atm i’m using 2 handed mace and the flamer…

the 2 handed mace it’s really good against stormvermin, bosses and chaos warrior…it lacks a bit in crowd control but it’s overall better then the 2 handed axe and the pickaxe (who is better against armored but lack a lot in crowd control). Many of you will use the drakefire pistols but i’ve seen that (generally) there is planty of st damage (sienna and the elf thing are omni-present) so i decided to focus on ranged-hordes who can be a problem many times. yeah the explosion of the drakefire it’s a bit wide but there is nothing like a flame to stop a lane. Ofc the friendly fire is a thing but it’s only a matter of when and where you spam the flamer…

anyway i’m open to discuss every aspect of the IB so feel free to post your own experience!

as for passive i’m using the normal setup sticking with the +15 impenetrable talent but after the patch perhaps ohi wazzogh it’s better!

Umgi* (That’s a grudgin’)

As for feedback. I like playing with that setup. The 2H Hammer feels superior to the 2H Axe. I’m able to block-cancel which the 2H Axe can’t do and the damage is superior. It’s better stam and better crowd control. Overall feels a lot better. I’d also recommend 1H Axe + Shield. Crazy amounts of stamina and control, plus you get the arm pen and damage with the axe.

Also the Oi Wazzok trait is still bugged. I’ve never once gotten it to taunt a boss. I’d recommend getting the extra 5 sec on instead.

Yeah, I really have no idea why one would take the Great Axe over the Great Hammer.

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Onestly, as a lv.30 Ironbreaker, i strongly prefer the combo axe/shield and drake pistols. With the right attribute on gear, you can almost perma bash people and help greatly CC while your team mates kill everything, and the axe is a bit slow but really strong against armoured enemies.
For the ranged, the drakefire pistols oneshot or bi-shot most enemies, do decent damage against big guys and stagger specials, but above all the right click attack (the “shotgun”) can stagger many enemies and is especially useful during ordes. With this setup i have no problem to stay alive in champions and actively help and protect the team, which i think is the main role of this class.

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