A few questions/personal issues about Slayer

So I got the class after playing Ironbreaker and the main question for me is…why would I take it instead of Ironbreaker if I want to be effective and useful for my team? Yeah, it has hight damage and makes a lot of kills (I have been a top of the team in the most games which I played him, I guess). But its weaks points don’t cover it. Ironbreaker can be just a bit less effective in damage and more useful in all another aspects. Moreover you are kind of a pain in a** for your team cuz you always need to fight in close range and you always need healing because of it. The second issue is low hp, I have a boost 25 % from the talant and 17 % from an item and it still seems quite low, because of it look at the part about healing and I also die quit often while playing him, the Ironbreaker does not have both troubles. Besides when you have low hp you are completly useless, cuz you can’t fight almost at all or you die which means you can’t support your team, while the Ironbreaker…you got it. So the class is kind of fun to play, you really feel that you are playing a berserker, but it’s not really effective and useful for your team.
And more specific issue, does the talant “Oblivious to pain” work correctly? It may be just my wrong impression, but I feel like it or does not work at all or I even take more damage from the swarm and another weak enemies after taking it.

Sorry if there are many topics like mine already

i pride myself on my melee skill, but the loss of a ranged weapon cuts off way too many combat options, so the slayer isn’t for me.

each light attack swing of dual axes is armor piercing and quick though, which is a plus only the glaive or 2h hammer can sorta match.

he is the only kit with 2 choices for melee weapons tho, so that’s something.

Oh, btw, talking about armor piercing, the game does not mention it in the description, but the weapon has this feature. Is it a lack of the description or it should not work like this, cuz all weapons seem to have only 3 features at the same time?

probably a limitation of only showing 3 descriptive keywords.

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