THP & Stagger talent rebalance

The thought was really just that stagger doesn’t really make sense with Salts arsenal. And if you run gryphon foot, you’ll primarily be killing armor with melee and shooting all the infantry. In addition to what Velsix said. BH has some builds that mix melee and ranged killing.


From my pov it was better on left, plz change me mad.


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Found a better non-hacky way of fixing Vanguard, does this still happen with the update?

Yeah, still happens.
Killing blow stagger THP kicks in once the enemy recovers from hard stagger.

It’s probably not that noticeable for majority of weapons & careers.
It affects high stagger weapons & careers more, a simple push/stagger overlap or just waiting can reset the stagger for more THP.
But not generating THP off hard staggered enemies feels a little backwards to me, I could just be nitpicking.

Vanguard with mod is healing far less than normal. Doesn’t seem to be scaling with stagger level at all. 1hhwith +350% stagger power gives 1 health, 2hh heavy gives 2-2-1-1endless.
Bulwark still not working as described.

Vanguard is changed from live, so that is expected.
Bulwark should show an icon while it is working, so I’m unsure what you mean it’s not working as described.

This description hasn’t changed but right now the Bulwark gives 10% power for 5 seconds on causing a stagger, but Enhanced power gives 10% unconditionally. Do you see what I mean?

And on Vanguard, it doesn’t compete at all with reaper in this state. A strong stagger weapon like 1h hammer gets up to 4 health hitting 4+ units, some weapons (I don’t see what the pattern is) get 6 [2,2,1,1] and bashes are unlimited 2 * targets.

I believe that is what is intended, I’ll fix the description

Just to be clear, Bulwark giving 10% conditionally, and Enhanced power also 10% but unconditionally is intended?

If I am correct, Bulwark applies a debuff on the enemy, which affects the damage enemy takes from all sources, including other players.
Meanwhile Enhanced Power only buffs you and you don’t seem to get the (questionable) benefits of Stagger system.

Everyone always benefits from the basic stagger system boosts, even before unlocking that talent tier. Bulwark debuffs enemies in the live mode, the self-buff is the modded behaviour.

Sorry then, my mistake.

that would be not intended

Unchanged from live.

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Small Update:

-Bulwark is fixed to what is intended. “Enemies you stagger take 15% more damage for 5 seconds.”
-Typo for Regrowth fixed


Honestly I don’t like the fact careers will still have different THP and stagger lines, if they all had the same 3 available for each then the game would no longer push you into certain setups as they do now.

Also imo it’s good RV gets Smiter but I don’t understand him getting Assassin, it feels like Bulwark would fit better.

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I feel like it’s necessary for this. Otherwise some things just work way too well with certain careers, like WHC with On Kill. The mod already practically fixes the problem as is, anything deeper should be left for the devs.

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