THP on crit/head works?

On crit is good when you’re WHC - then you can take ult talent that makesn each of your melee hits during ult a crit and just cut off heads of infantry and elites with light attacks, getting huge amounts of THP when it’s needed the most. It also works great on bosses, unlike cleave and stagger, and you don’t need elites for it to work well, just cut as fast as possible with your rapier.
Without ult and crit talent (the one that gives party +5% crit when taggable enemy dies) this talent requires a lot of headshots, again, doable with rapier thrust.
So it’s not that bad, but only on certain loadouts. Too bad WHC has to use non-elegant axe or axe and falchion to get the most from “crit” part when not on ult (ult even without guaranteed crits grants a huge amount of thp since +25% crit chance is great too) since rapier (and also falchion and billhook) has no crit chance bonus.

A more elegant “gitgud”, but always a “gitgud” it remains. The death of every smart discussion.

Let me say three things, then I will not continue.

  • How do you know that I can’t handle this new difficoulty? And, anyway, to think “I can win = balanced game” or “I can’t win anymore = unbalanced game” is wrong. First: people have their opinions regardless their win ratio. Second: there are different types of difficoulty;

  • And should I know if BH will play cooperating or he will steal every elites killing them also while they were alone and so a good tHP generators?

  • That certain tHP talents are a worse choice is a fact. If we want balance them, we must buff someone OR nerf someone else. The recent poll has said that 75% of players hate the new tHP system. So I think we should buff them.


Crit talent was able to be abused before. On WS or Shade, with S&D, the first heavy was perfect for getting headshots and could cleave through up to 13 enemies. Meaning you could get massive amounts of temp HP with it.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, crit/HS was nerfed. It used to be 3 thp on hs/crit and double on a critical headshot. Which is why it felt so strong. With 30% on neck, you could around 20-60 thp on a good cleave.

I would like to see rat damage vs gor damage on cata. Pink rat hordes when on thp on kill with nothing else around to kill are very very dangerous because you cant generat THP on kill.

This has been my feeling. Skaven do so much damage for so little return, it’s scary lol.

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I’ve had enough of this nonsense already. Every animal has a complicated system of dominance hierarchies. To suggest otherwise might be popular, but totally useless.

There are some giraffes that are just taller than other giraffes. They get the food from the highest places and look at the others and say git taller. Thats life.

Suggesting that something that involves the brain, that is imminently trainable, is not something that you get good at is foolishness. So, if it is possible at all to get good at a game, then it is totally valid to suggest to someone that they pursue getting good. We arent born good at video games . We get good at them, and that will be the final truth of conversations like this because it is the inevitable conclusion. Regardless of all the nonsense attempts to levitate and avoid gravity, gravity wins in the end.

Yes! If you are in the keep and see a BH with certain weapons you should absolutely assume the worst environment possible for THP on kill.

Observations like that are literally part of getting good.


This! I cant find the change is it staring me in the face?

@SKushon1 here we have the prove that who says git gud can’t have an appropriate conversation. Have you played with me? How do you know that I can’t play anymore? I haven’t problem to handle both Legend and Cataclysm. And I still think we should gain more tHP. Moreover you haven’t understood that the main problem isn’t the amount of tHP but that, regardless this, some talents are just a worse choice.

Nope! Because a good BH knows that killing a lonely SV doesn’t help the team (regardless his weapons)… just steal tHP. Should I ask everytime “are you a good BH?”?

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He’s right. It was a bug for a long time and crit/hs was actually never meant to return that much. FS just got around to fixing it in 2.0. It was buffed (unintentionally) for quite a while, slowly flying under the radar until now.


Hah, you ignored everything about my post about getting good. Pot calling the kettle black right here.

I dont care how you play, and I didnt make any commentary on your skill whatsoever. Again, you ignored what I wrote completely.

I did not address much of anything about the game in my post and you ignored that too!

People play BH to kill elites. . . I dont know what else to say. On one hand you say dont tell me to get good because you might be good. On the other hand you assume that a BH that kills a lone SV isnt good, all while ignoring everything I wrote.

Thats what I wrote, any BH worth anything is going to dramatically reduce the number of elites to kill in melee. Thereby creating the worst environment for THP on kill. . . not by killing a single SV, but by kill 6 of 8. A melee player that already got good, gets the THP for half normally, maybe 1 if a decent BH is present. Asking the BH to do otherwise is basically asking them not to play.

Also, you are right we cant have anymore conversations.

i use it on whc. i crit very often and i get good thp from it :o

you can see in a video i made in 2.0.7 audio while i was reporting an audio bug :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t nothing to add. You were talking about git gud, that it is silly, because also the best player in the world could want more tHP.

Second thing: some tHP talents are just a worse choice. It is a fact, that you like it or not. It is enough read Reddit or this section or any guide.

Third thing: a BH can do his job killing Specials and the dangerous Elites during hordes. A lonely Elite is just free tHP.

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Yea, as Exam said. It was an unintentional buff that wasn’t supposed to be working. But it worked well, and people became accustomed to it. I’d say it needs to be changed back now… but perhaps make it so it can only proc on up to 2 mobs. Otherwise it starts to get a bit silly. Even with 2 mobs, normal crit cleave is 4 thp on each target for a total of 8. Or 16 thp on a crit headshot. This is with 30% healing on necklace ofc.

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I’m surprised it’s still a choice people have to make. Putting these temp hp effects onto weapons makes more sense to me. Maybe each weapon has THP generation in all fields(crit, stagger, cleave, kill, etc). It would make the concept potentially less confusing for new players and there’d be less trouble in trying to balance them because weapons already naturally provide balance via overall damage, speed, attack patterns, cleave values, etc. You could maybe look into doing something at like quarter strength for ranged as well, but i’m just thinking about Sienna’s staves and how wild that would get.

Just make it a core mechanic like stagger, and then while we’re at it maybe add a more complex tutorial to the game to explain these things.


That isnt a fact really. Cause you didnt prove it. And you have to put quite an effort into such a research.

Following this reasoning, almost anything in this forum can’t be proved.

Well then my argument is
Game is in fine and final state. All talents are balanced. Thats fact.

Man, if you want win this discussion… there isn’t problem. You have won.

If you want say that, for example, tHP on cleave is a good choice… well, you are simply deceiving yourself.

Said this, I have finished. Have a good day.

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