Thoughts about Versus

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Okay, here’s my thoughts about Versus. First, I’m not enthusiastic about it; at best, there’s some curiosity, but mostly its pretty whatever for me. I’m not a competitive guy, so there’s no appeal for that; it may have other appeal on its own.

How much it’s integrated with the main game will certainly affect my playing it. If it’s a completely separate game, bought separately, the forget it. There’s not enough there to interest me. The same goes if it’s functionally a paid DLC; I’m not that interested (well, unless it’s cheap). If I somehow get free access, though (through already owning the base game and other DLCs, or whatever other way there would be) I’ll probably at least test it out.

For actual client integration, if it’s a fully separate client, I might test it out but probably won’t keep it installed - too much space taken for too little interest, and a separate launcher would pretty much prevent me from playing on a whim. Accessed through the familiar launcher, using partially the same resources as the main game… Yeah, I could keep it there for maybe the occasional run. If it’s accessed through the main game’s Keep somehow (though it’d likely need some weird explanations there from Olesya and/or Lohner), same difference. Slightly higher chance of doing occasional Versus runs when I’d feel like it, but nothing more, really.

The issue of whether it’d be launched separately or accessed from the main game could go whichever way for the players in general, really. For people like me, in-game access could add a few more runs as I mentioned; for those more interested in Versus it’d be more of a hassle, and for them separate launch would likely be preferable. Which would be the prominent usergroup is another question entirely, and remains to be seen (and might actually be affected by hot this is handled).

FS said that they would release separate patches for versus but if something needed to be changed for both that and regular game modes they would do so.

The reason LFD2 is still played 5+ years later is because of versus.

While not a direct comparison with V2, I’d totally be down to playing versus non-stop going forward.

The important thing is that experience and chest can be earned in PvP as well.

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