Things that could also improve

BOTs. Seriously. bot’s logic and decision making in thins game is not working anymore.
It must be improved because with the new enemies, new balance, maps and difficulty level BOTs can no longer perform well enough, and I am not talking about just combat.

Navigation and world interaction is also a huge problem in BOT’s small heads

  • They get stuck on a complex terrain with lots of slopes
  • They can’t do complex jumps and get to difficult-to-reach places such us book locations
  • Followup from the previous - they can’t get the items fast enough after the player ordered them so
  • Trying to get items out of the immediate reach they get stuck OR continue to follow player just to try to return to the place we’ve been a minute ago to get the item it has been ordered to pick, never pick it, and then turn back to they player to repeat the cycle
  • They don’t teleport to the player when he or she has been downed, sometimes ignoring the living player completely
  • They don’t pick up a downed player on complex terrain when they can stand right in front or just above and stare at the downed player never trying to walk JUST TWO STEPS and pick him up
  • If they teleport on complex terrain, they get a fall damage, and I covered it here: BOTs unsafe TP
  • They sometimes get stuck in closed and narrow locations never to teleport. Sometimes in locations you wouldn’t think as unreachable. We had a Salzpyre BOT on the War Camp that has stuck in or at the back of the battering ram. It wouldn’t teleport even when we reached The Arena, so we had to walk all the way back just to walk him around the battering ram like a little baby. He was literally just standing behind it confused, not even bugged into it or something.
  • We can’t control their urge to drink a healing potion even when those are extremely valuable, and yet if all they living players are equipped with grimoires they wont’ use potions
  • They won’t take ammo even if all the living players are not using ammo (Barding and Sienna) or full

Regarding combat:

  • They don’t know that standing in the gas is bad for ya
  • They are trying to chase leeches and Blightstormers.
  • When chasing blightstormers they completely ignore patrols, monsters and other hazards. So they can aggro a patrol which can lead to inevitable defeat on higher difficulties
  • They are trying to melee Firerats and Rattling gunners. And most of all, Packmasters. Especially if they have transverse ult type such as Handmaiden, Zealot, Foot Knight etc.
  • They are trying to melee specials and yet wasting ammo on regular ambient rats
  • They are shooting regular enemies wasting ammo on simple rats they could walk to, but they don’t know how to shoot ungor archers and do so only if there’s no absolutely any enemy around. They would prioritize a slave rat over an ungor archer.
  • Even after all other enemies has been wiped out BOTs are trying to melee ungor archers even if they are standing on an elevation and out of melee reach. WHY, FATSHARK?
  • They don’t know how to destroy a banner
  • They don’t know how to use weapon traits such as parry
  • They end up hanging on a ledge when are walking away from fire or bullets
  • If bots stay on the lifting platform they will ignore anything from downed palyer to rattling ganner or gas they are standing into while riding.

BOT’s logic and behavior must be updated to stand up to the current game state.


Given the complexity of the task, the current issues and the seasonal patching plans, the need for console updates and the small population of single players, I wouldn’t expect too much regarding this for the next 9-12 months.

I know. But I still feel the urge to bring it up

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