Things that can be in Vermintide 2

For now it will be only mods which should be in game officially ;
UI Improvements

Loadout Manager

Item Filter

Numeric UI

Host your own game

Killfeed Tweaks

Notice Key Pickup

Player List Plus

Also like for me Darktide should have such features to to make menus more comftable to use.

Some things which I like to be changed/add;
*Fire it is so blindingly bright especialy when Sienna player cast abilities and fire is all over the place.
*Bretonian Sword&Shiled here I see only one thing to change; remove shield push from atack patern.

For now it all what comes to my mind.


But that’s like one of the few things it has over the regular Sword&Board?Faster bashes?


UI Improvements most definitely needs to be added in game.

I am so sick of it breaking every patch and I’m pretty sure the author has abandoned it as if you have that mod active, it fills your console log with errors making those files absolutely HUGE.

It’s been doing that since Engi came out… RIP

Pretty awful if you need to send console logs to FS but can’t because lol file is too large.

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The one that’s causing big log file is actually UI Tweaks that has since been fixed since Dec 24th,UI Improvements only gives you error messages but not extremely big log file size

Let us not forget No Wobble.

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I have NEVER used UI Tweaks.

I only use the following mods:
Penlight LUA
Killfeed Tweaks
Reroll Improvements

Every time I subscribe to UI Improvements, my in game chat starts spamming error messages and my console logs become HUGE.

That mod also causes crashes when switching items with OE.

Read the comment section

Something is borked on your end then. Considering the Steam comments, it must be a common issue. Not excusing it but I wonder if there is some common ground.

I was having a similar issue but I disabled everything for a while after Engi dropped. After UI Tweaks got fixed, I reinstalled all my mods and haven’t been getting any chat error messages since.

You guys are forgetting the best mod, weapon kill counter,

should be in base game imo.

It’s probably the mod lol

The error messages are tagged in my in game chat and console logs with the UI Improvements Steam identification number. So, it has to be it. I don’t get any other error messages with the few mods I am currently using.

I tried contacting the author to give him my error messages but no response yet.

Have you tried disabling console logging through VMF?That helps with logs

Is this a joke?

What am I supposed to do then when FS asks for a console log when I’m having an issue with the game?

That is not a viable option.

The mod needs fixing and I’m not the only one having the problem.

Simple as that.

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You’re saying that you’re having issues with big console logs,you’ve already sent in enough logs for it to get acknowledged,now you can disable it without losing out on anything?

Maybe others found it usefull, but for me it cause more bad than good.
Many times got damage when Kruber do bash instead of attack.

Also have question; its possible to edit main post?

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