A List of Missing Functionality that was in Vermintide 2

As the title says, this is a list of things that are missing from Darktide that were already adjusted to be in Vermintide 2 after a lot of community feedback. If I end up missing anything, please let me know!

  1. Holding Tab displaying team information, loadout, etc. (this was an opt-in functionality in Vermintide)

  2. Team indicators for Ultimate up-time and cooldown. Vermintide had a meter under the team health display.

  3. Cancelling Charges with the block key. This is an important function for Zealots or Ogryn to stop from careening off of a ledge.

  4. Numerics on allied HP and Ammunition. This is important information for knowing just how much you need to worry about HP on allies. (Was an addon before it was implemented to the game)

  1. Higher FOV Slider for a better view of the battlefield. This was in V2 for quite a while, and can make a big difference (was also in the October Beta)

  2. Teammate Outlines. Don’t underestimate this, as I have regularly confused Scab enemies with my teammates and taken damage because of it in the heat of a fight.

  3. More robust settings, such as dual keybinds (dodge on space and shift at the same time, for example), options for higher mouse sensitivity (and personally i would like two crouch keys, one for toggle crouch and one for hold to crouch

  4. Give us chests at the end of missions that give three random items on opening. Equipment needs to drop at a much higher rate than it does now, as we randomly get ONE piece of equipment on mission completion, instead of a guaranteed chest that will have 3 random items in it, which helps with gearing up, and getting more materials.

  5. An option to stop infinite-scrolling between equipment with the mouse wheel. This will make changing out weapons and tools a smoother experience instead of having to be careful with the mousewheel, as you can scroll all the way up to get to healing, or all the way down to get to your melee.

  6. Penance/Achievement Information - We need to know what targets we’re missing for the purpose of achievements. Like if we need to complete specific levels or kill certain enemies, then we need to have a spot to show what we’re missing from those lists.

These are the most important ones that I can think off the top of my head, please let me know if there is something that should be added.

Keep up the good work, Devs!

  1. FOV cap being high enough to let me see the enemies that keep hitting me. It’s my system. Let me set the FOV to what I want. They had the option in closed beta but took it out and now I feel like I’m wearing blinders.
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Not something that was part of community feedback necessarily but VT2 has a vastly increased mouse sensitivity cap compared to Darktide. 10x maximum, vs 2x maximum. I got used to playing vermintide at 10x and darktide gameplay is almost impossible for me.

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Added, along with the above FOV, and another on chests.

Bring back the mouse wheel option that turns off infinite looping of the items on keys 1-4. More often I wish I could flip the wheel hard to get back to the melee weapon instantly than just looping through every item.

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For ogryns you can indeed charge cancel, I use it all the time, just tap s or whatever you have bound to your ‘move backwards’ key. Seems to work for me 100% of the time!


I’ll add that to the list.

My thoughts after playing Darktide for a day or so: they didn’t carry over progress from 4 years of Vermintide 2 - they started anew…

  1. Clearer Penances: Make Penances expandable so you can see which Dreg or Terror or whatever you are missing for your Penance. Remove naming ambiguity so “Kill 2 of each Terror” and “kill one of each Terror” say different things when they mean different things.

Good point, this was a handy tid-bit in Vermintide! Added to the list.

Will the next post will be “A List of Missing Functionality that was in Stardew Valley.”

That makes literally zero sense considering that Vermintide 2 and Darktide are the same genre of game, and made by the same company. I’m comparing Apples to Apples, not Apples to Oranges.

This. Honestly the keybind situation is a little perplexing. It feels like a mobile game with the limited customization, and not to mention the bugs preventing keybinds from working. I need to set my chat and tag keys every time I start the game. Not having dual-keybinds, a feature recently released in VT2 really just feels like artificial difficulty when I have to fight the game on top of the gameplay.