Features that Darktide needs (imho)

  • The whoosh sound when you’re about to get struck from behind.

  • Camera shake option slider or on/off button.

  • Scoreboard (Not a green circle chaser, just wanna see how I personally did, doesn’t need to be visible to others even, just my stats for me at the very least).

  • Ping / latency indicator.

  • Push to talk for voice comms.

  • Unique, loud, audible warning notification that a teammate has been disabled / downed.

  • Ammo count for teammates.

  • Boss / elite / special that are tagged should remain tagged for longer.

  • Mouse Sensitivity slider.

Feel free to add below.


I agree with almost all of this and it is quite jarring that they were not included in the first place. It feels like we are starting over from where Vermintide was at the beginning as if no lessons were learned. How is double hitting A or D to dash not in? Just very strange

The backstab sound is in the game and functions, somewhat. i dont know if it only happens on some rare occurences or if its just really quiet, but i have heard it several times when just one enemy was behind me and none in front, like it was a rather silent situation.

Needs to be louder and function properly in the release version for sure.

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Rebinding the Tag Key. Middle mousebutton is a bad choice, as you can’t shoot and tag at the same time.

Save Settings to file, WHEN HITTING APPLY. Otherwise on game crash, nothing is saved.

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