Game features I would love to see added

  • Text and voice chatting while the match is loading, during cutscenes, and when the match ends.

  • Weapon shop resetting after every match win, instead of every hour (I’m really developing an unhealthy habit, and most of the time the items aren’t even something I’d use).

  • In addition to the last point, the shop should have more items on sale at a time, the chances of you getting the weapon you want with acceptable stats aren’t good (except for ogryn, since he has much less options).

  • More voice options in the tagging wheel, something like yes, no, or even something as extensive as Team Fortress 2’s voice commands.

  • The default after a mission should be to merge the party, instead of asking, in vermintide this resulted in many great social interactions, most people default to just continuing when the match ends.

  • Health chip damage is such a horrible mechanic, toughness doesn’t last long anyway, maybe just a let corruption go through toughness.

  • Name change please, I regret how I named one of my characters.

  • Server browser, and ping.

  • A similar potion system to the one in vermintide.