Things I'd like to see changed in V2


I’ve played a lot of V2 after the release, and I participated in both the pre-order and closed beta. While the game is still new and things are likely to change, there are a few things I’ve noticed that I feel would improve the game even further, some major and some minor. Here’s a short list of my thoughts and suggestions:

  1. Crafting.

Crafting your own equipment is fun and rewarding. However, the current system is a frustrating RNG experience, where you try to get the traits and properties you want. This feels too grindy, too much like a microtransaction mechanic in a game that doesn’t have them. As such, I’d like the choice to pay premium in crafting materials to simply pick and choose our equipment traits and properties. This way, I don’t have to spend ungodly amount of time rolling randomly to get that +2 Stamina, +20 % health neck for my Handmaiden.

  1. Kerillian

Is right now my favourite character, especially the Handmaiden. I feel, though, that there’s a thematic dissonance between the Passives of her careers. Waystalker would benefit a lot more from increased Dodge distance, and Handmaiden could use the Regeneration. It’s a minor issue, but something I’d like to see changed. Shade also needs some kind of a rework - backstab abilities don’t really work in a game like this and Repeater Crossbow, which is insanely fun to use, is very difficult to utilize due to the very, very low missile capacity.

Furthermore, Handmaiden’s “uninterruptible revive” needs to be made actually uninterruptible, or either replaced with something else. Right now it doesn’t do anything, as block-revive is basically the same, and any shoves will still interrupt Handmaiden.

HUD. In beta, a lot of people voiced their dislike about the HUD and how the relevant information is spread across the screen, requiring the player to move their eyes a lot to read all the important information. Though I’ve become accustomed to this, it’s still a lot more straining than necessary and I think a redesign to make the information more tight (like moving kill info from top right to bottom left) would be nice.

Sienna’s Battle Wizard requires a buff, she’s right now a less powerful version of the Pyromancer. Unchained has a lot of trouble with temporary health decay and being blown up by Gutter Runners without much chance to do anything about it due to the insanely long CD on her ability.

for one… stamina regeneration is actually better due to more durable blocks. for two, if she had both stamina regeneration and health regeneration… not only would it be actually too strong, but can you imagine all the crying for “nerf nerf nerf!”?

mostly correct… it can be used on bosses… but pretty meh and hard to get otherwise.

agreed… kruber can just get people up by shouting at them with his level 25 talent… something like that would have been a lot more useful since block revive is already a thing.

I kind of agree on the case of Handmaiden. Stamina regeneration is something I really like, and I enjoy her playstyle a lot. She’s my favourite tank at the moment, as I can keep a horde at bay basically forever as she doesn’t run out of stamina and has a huge block/push angle thanks to itemization and talents.

What I mean by giving her the regeneration, is that she could modify her Stamina regeneration aura to also or instead give out health to her team. Not as a baselane, but as a talent upgrade to her current aura.

and again, so many people cried so much and so hard about waystalker regen that they knee jerk “fixed” it… and now makes half of her talents basically unusable… and promotes getting hit regularily. she has to try and stay between 31% and 49% hp in order to actually use 2/3 of her level 15 talents so now people look at the damage taken and freak out saying regen is sooo OP…because they went about it the complete wrong way…
but yea, let’s take even more from waystalker and put handmaiden in the same boat. :disappointed:

Waystalker doesn’t benefit from the regeneration anyway, or shouldn’t, at least, as a ranged class. Waystalker would be able to utilize the increased Dodge distance a lot better to keep enemies at bay so that she can pepper them with arrows, while regeneration and regeneration aura in particular, would be better suited to the support-oriented Handmaiden. This would also open up her talent choices for new talents that would further emphasize her playstyle, instead of being forced to pick regeneration talents that she gains no particular benefit from.

the thing is she’s not just pure ranged… she’s supposed to be capable with a sword as well… as are all ranged specializations. they’re just better with ranged.

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