The Zelot is broken now


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I didn’t have much experience with it, so I didn’t want to mention it. This particular issue could use another topic.

I would nerf 1 thing to bring him in line :

  • His damage buff SHOULD NOT apply to ranged weapons.

I second taking power away from his ranged.

Reading OP’s post I kept having a knee-jerk reaction to disagree, but then I got to thinking if base thp gain and hordes weren’t disgustingly busted I’d agree Zealot is OP (iirc his healing talent was even stronger during the internal beta before people pointed out how crazy that was).

Yea, he was already nerfed in the internal beta. He was even stronger before… I was able to stand in a gas cloud at a drop down spot while killing the horde climbing up and I regened hp faster than the gas could kill me.

I think they removed the ULT talent bonus damage from ranged. As in the internal beta, 2 bursts of the BoP with a strength pot would kill a boss.

What do you mean by “weaker than before just play him “ ?

I have played him, I have played them all, it’s hard to raise the concerns I did with out having experiences to compare to.

You can’t really make a case to say he feels broken with out also playing the other toons.

“If you buffed everybody up to be as powerful as Zealot the game would be too easy” and this would be a great thing :rofl:… currently Legend is a second Cataclysm, you almost need a premade.

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Yeah but… why would that be a great thing? Legend is also nowhere near Cata in difficulty.

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Why not change Zealot’s power increase passive into damage increase, the difference would be that he loose his crazy push/stagger strengh and cleave while maintenaing his damage at high level.

Because Legend win ratio in qp is too low… Legend should let expert players to farm and actually, without premade, you can’t farm.

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I’m seeing it more from a resource perspective. This is Fatshark, so when I attempt to respond or provide feedback it’s taking the path of least resistance. Buffing 14 classes only to potentially mess up and make someone else the new Zealot requires a lot of dev time compared to just nerfing/reworking Zealot and then seeing how the game feels from there.

Bugs notwithstanding, of course. This is all a moot point until the game is actually consistently playable.

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I play every career but I’m a Kruber main, so I’m not defending my favourite career… but simply, imho, nerfing a career isn’t a priority. Mainly now that the difficoulty should be less unfair.

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Don’t worry dude, you’re chill. If people do happen to like Zealot that’s fine too, a rework doesn’t have to make him unfun and boring. I think we’re on the same page, too, in regards to fixing bugs and beastmen first. I think it’s a little telling that people are still complaining about him, though, even through the dustcloud that is the current Vermintide experience. I can’t imagine much in this thread will be taken seriously right now, but it might be useful to come back to and think about once stuff has settled.

Players should work for the loot though, that’s the fun in it.

Anyways, I don’t play zealot at all but I still wouldn’t like him nerfed too much, maybe just the buff working on ranged as well if that is a thing as someone said. I think it’s somewhat balanced by the fact that Zealot doesn’t give much benefits to the group (aside from being there with them).
But if by any chance FS feels like listening to soul23 and buff glorious WHC to Sigmar’s heaven I wouldn’t much argue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will just drop one thing that made me laugh in work

broken NOW

like he wasnt on elf level of powerfull before XD

Ironically zealot is in good place because you dont see players going on zealot with good teams (mostly because of how unreliable thp is then) and good players know that whc and bh do better job.
I mean he can work if somebody is there for thp (merc/unchained) but otherwise you will play most of time at 20 to 100% thp because how rest of team killsteal (thats natural) stuff and you can’t get thats amount of cleave cheap thp anymore

Well yes, but actually no :rofl:… I can swear that to fail run after run just because 90% of Legend players can’t hande that difficoulty no more, it is totally not funny.

I admit it: I can deal with Legend and Cata, but currently I can’t carry : |

This is all nice but crit is RNG, sometimes you can crit 10 times in a row, sometimes you cannot crit 20 times… which leads to inconsistent damage, old paesant once said “better to have sparrow in hand than pigeon on tree” .

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IF you think he is too op then take other talents and problem solved. I think most of the players come here to relax. Personaly i hate dying just because i missed 1 elite attack.

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Iʻd wager most of the people crying out to not nerf Zealot (in a rather passive-aggressive way) are Zealot mains themselves. They probably havenʻt felt what itʻs like to play Slayer right now.

Iʻm a slayer main, always have been and always will be, or so I thought. Zealotʻs damage is pretty much on par with slayer in every respect. Only time slayer can get more damage than him is when you ult on a stationary target and can just chop away for 10-15 seconds. This never happens.

What does happen however is phantom hits, tracking through dodge, and various other shenanigans that will hit you at one point or another. For slayer these hits REALLY hurt. Zealot doesnʻt quite feel this as much with his inc temp health generation and longer range weapons. Ever try going vs a beastmen horde with dual axes or dual hammers? Youʻre almost guaranteed to get hit once.

Secondly, if zealot has all the strengths of a slayer (even a movement ability) then why does he also get the best ranged weapon in the game? Brace of pistols far outclasses other ranged weapons. Itʻs accurate on quickfire, and its aimed fire can quite literally take out half a bosses HP w/ strength pot. Try doing that with dual axes.

IMO, Zealot needs a nerf. Not because heʻs strong, but because he overshadows one specialization and makes them obselete. Why go Slayer when you could have a tankier Zealot who can also snipe specials?

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Nah man, its very good but it’s not best anymore, crossbow is very effective and I’ve seen volley been used to great effect… all of which are infinitely superior to the ‘gimmick’ thrown axe.

At end of day Hagbane has got to be the best ranged weapon in the game. It sucks at nothing has great horde control and can have insane boss damage and with the ammo sustain of the Elf classes its poor ammo count is kind of meaningless.

I get your point though. As a slayer main myself I stopped playing slayer or ranger with this update. Its just so punishing and unrewarding.