The Tempestus Scion chest NEEDS to be fixed

That’s actually the collar of the tunic from the upperbody cosmetic, and it doesn’t extend all the way to the bottom edge of the helmet.

Yeah, I don’t get why they don’t even just make the body armour in two pieces. the giant bronze edging would easily cover up the point of seperation.

I’m not currently running “customization_npc_clothes.” I just took everything I could find with “scion” in the file-name* from the “for_the_drip” mod and added the dataslate gauntlets since they’re functionally identical to Scion gear (right down to the pointy, vaguely Chaotic-looking greeblies that the Scions love to slap on their armour for no explicable reason).

It’s just the poster-boy Kappic Eagles colour-scheme:

*well, everything except the backpack, which isn’t currently showing up for whatever reason…

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