The "story" is a joke

I genuinely thought more was coming after the beta. They marketed this partially as a narrative experience with Dan Abnett creating a whole new star system for us to learn about.

The entire story can be summed up in a few lines, without missing a single detail:

“You’re scum. Work harder to be less scum” x4

“There’s a traitor”

“You might be the traitor. We killed the traitor. You’re not the traitor”.

“You’re our scum now. Work harder to be less scum”.

At the very least I expected something on par with VT2. I’ve literally played a mobile game written by Dan Abnett with more story than this. I got suckered.


Got any examples of Fatshark marketing the game as a narrative experience?


Didn’t they advertised Dan Abnett for this story?


Yup. I’m sure Fatshark didn’t AT ALL think players would expect a game world written by Dan Abnett would have a story. And I’m sure they in no way thought anyone would expect at least the same level of story as their last Tide game.


So I’m using myself as an example here. I have been looking forward to Darktide for a long time but I only watched the trailers on YouTube for Darktide news and I don’t think it was ever brought up. In fact I didn’t learn about Dan Abnett’s involvement until ca 1 week into the early access beta. Was story specifically mentioned, or did they speak about general world building? And did they actually market the game as a story driven Dan Ambnett stamp of approval game, or was it just mentioned in passing in a tweet or something?


Its another mindset from VT. Whereas in VT you control the Ubersreik five, a mighty squad of heroes, in DT you are but another misplaced number or name in the Administratum, that has to work their ass in the daily grind of the machinery that is the imperium, just to make a living.

In other words: don’t expect a story driven experience, in DT you are not special, just another human/abhuman

Random nobodies have stories in 40k all the time. I don’t even understand the point you’re trying to make here. Are you trying to say that the story is as bad as it is because it’s an intentional “theme”? Because that’s nonsense. You can make a story about insignificant people without it being trash. It happens all the time across media.


The point i’m trying to maje is that is not a story driven game, so the posssible explanation they would have is that. Nevertheless, i would expect a dlc system much like VT2, that probably will add some story

Edit:as you said, the player could had had a story, it just wasn’t their (fatshark’s that is) intention.

Then their intention was trash and misleading. They knew what they were doing when they advertised Dan Abnett. They knew what they were doing when they got 40k lore youtubers to tout the game’s immersive, ongoing narrative. They knew people would expect at least the same level of story as VT.


True enough. I would have expected at the most some alpha legion batshit crazy shenanigans going on. Maybe as i’ve seen in some other post, for DT2 :laughing:

the plan is to expand story continuously, they said so multiple times.
tho i agree the first impression is disappointing, why do i have to read an article to get to know about the moebian sixth, there’s not a single word spoken about who we fight and why, how come they fell to chaos? why do they want tertium who is the instigator, all we get is, we got traitor on ship traitor not you pew, very gud u not traitor, congratulation huzzah!

hope is that we’re in introduction phase and the story unfolds but i don’t really see any setup for any reveals or even any avenue to explore really…


I really hope so. This game was obviously pushed out the door.

I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t feel they are locked hard into something bad, like the cadian assault chainsword. Fact is businesses have to turn a profit at some point in a business venture or go under, and I think Fat Shark hit that point. Looking glass DID go under and we lost the Thief, the Dark Project" series after two entries. (3+4 don’t count.)

Darktide is a game I’ve wanted a long time, and is it totally ready? Heck no. But I think it still has a shot to get there.

So I’d like to encourage everyone to complain and complain and complain until it does get there, but don’t walk away for too long either.

(They don’t need to worry until we shut up and leave. )


Fatshark, you don’t engage people in the story by forcing them to watch or skip cutscene paraphrased with the word “obey”. You did this right in VT2 you brainlets, you told the story thorugh mission loading screens in character pov and through conversations between the characters, a luxury you don’t seem to have now because you decided to go with the make your 40k OC approach instead of actual characters, of course the story will suck, you provided NOTHING in the terms of moment to moment gameplay to build in on! You had a great model, I am flabbergasted why you didn’t just transfer it to 40k.

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My comment after reaching lvl 30 was: “So now that we’ve gone over the prologue, where’s the rest of the story?”


And what a high bar to clear that is, ey? xD


Both articles make clear, that this is about world building:
Creating setting, enemies and challenges that are believable (in 40k) and fit into the lore.
I’d say they nailed this, as well as the aesthetics, banter and sound (all elements of narration)

I do not see marketing of a longer intricate or individual storyline.

That being said, I agree in hoping, that future updates will enrich and continue the story that has begun.


Makes a game that carries Vermintide shoes
Makes it in a setting as story rich as 40k
ppl ask for a decent story
smartasses tell them one wasn’t promised

The choice of setting in itself begs a decent story. You are not getting points for acting smart about the fact that we have yet to get one.

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As someone with little knowledge except wanting to try the game because I played a lot of VT2.

I always assumed the story would continue as the game development went on. There’s a prominent lady on the launcher we haven’t seen so I assumed it would be future story.

And I wouldn’t mind if the story progresses the longer the game is out.

Have they said this is all the story there is?

That appears to be the ship captain. I think they are implying she is a Rogue Trader but I thought this was an Inquisition ship, not somehow both simultaneously?

I think what happened was the story was completely gutted in favour of a live service that could be extended out over years and its left things so wildly disconnected. Something just doesn’t feel right.

It’s like why does Inquisitor Grendyl remain hidden? There’s no point to it in the story. Brahms not even coming up in one cutscene or the bridge crew shown in the CGI.

They also talk about Atoma Prime no longer paying Imperial Tithes. This is basically a death sentence for the planetary governor and sometimes even the planet itself. Atoma is basically in open rebellion even without the Nurgle cultists swarming over the hive lower and middle levels. The “missing hive in the ash wastes” that characters ask about seems to be lifted from Necromunda’s secundus hive which was bombed due to infestation with a genestealer cult. it’s also bizarre for them to ask about other Hives on the planet. It would be taken as standard for there to be other Hives on the planet especially if Atoma Prime is considered to be an important world of production.

I find the scale of the locations you visit to be inconsistent with how the hive looks on the map. Like visiting the external area of the hive with the sand storms you appear to be several thousand feet above the ground yet are very far from the main body of the hive but seem to still be part of the main ring of the hive. Similarly visiting enclavium barross in this weirdly hollow space in the middle of the hive with buildings extending frome the ceilings. It’s my understanding that Hives are built layered on top of each other, they don’t have grand hollow spaces. Even the space at the end of the mission with an imperial ship hanging from massively oversized chains seems off to me. I know a lot of people like these open spaces but it doesn’t feel like a hive to me.

I appreciate this is massive nerd nonsense to most people, but Vermintide series had an eye for lore that seems to be missing with Darktide. Coupled with the unfinished nature of the game it seems like they’ve lost the factor that really sold people on their ability to make good GW license games.