Where's the Story?!

Ok I’m pretty dense sometimes. I tend to miss the stuff right under my nose. So I really didn’t make the connection between Dan Abnett from the Black Library, and Dan Abnett being involved with this game until this very second. But now that I have I have to ask you Fatshark, where the hell is the story? How is it possible that you had Dan Abnett involved with this project and we wind up with a non-existent incoherent story where the antagonist is some no name character we’ve never even seen before. Who gets shot in the head for being a traitor with absolutely no satisfaction to close out the story arc. HOW?!?! I’m flabbergasted. I’m confused. And it really puts a new shiny point on the sharpened metal penis you’ve been fuc**** me with. Because I thought things were unfinished before but holy Christ! Y’all clearly sh** the bed on this one. HOW?! How did you not let that man write an awesome story for an awesome setting? Wow, I’m actually getting worked up now. I need a smoke and a pancake.


Maybe as this is alive service game - they plan on continuing the story somehow in upcoming missions?

I hope that at least - I don’t believe it to be honest.


Ok that’s a possibility. But if so then why wouldn’t the “Prologue” be written by Dan to eventually lead into a kick ass story? It feels so unfinished and empty. sigh…

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Just w8 for next dlc … it will be a story book with all the story for only 9,99 :wink:



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You seem to be new here. Tide games (Vermintide1, V2 and Darktide) aren’t story based games. There is a certain level of story telling through the mission objectives, voicelines and maps themselves, but don’t expect some sort of RPG style storyline. Darktide cinematics is still far more than we got in V1/2.

When it comes to Dan Abnett, I suspect they used him as a consultant and to rubber stamp the basic story you saw in the existing cinematics. As someone who spent close to 2k hours in Tide games, I’m happy with what we got in the cinematic cutscenes and I did not expect more. Other systems and content, that is another matter, and I rather see money and time spend improving the game loop instead of producing more cinematics you will watch once.


I’m not really new so much as I’m an idiot sometimes. lol
Still though, the point should made. This is not Vermintide. They had an opportunity to add an awesome story to an awesome setting with a skilled and experienced writer and they didn’t. And it makes my tiny brain hurt.

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Hmm you are correct to some extent… it’s just that those crappy cinematics that you get from leveling… you know I seen a lot more lore in some fan madre animations than in those except the last 2 that you get on level 27ish? & 30.

We didn’t expect much but what we got in DT for story & etc. now is something that you would expect from really poor game & yes that probably because they had to change focus from small things to more important things… stability & shop :wink:

…stability as we know what it was then :stuck_out_tongue:

… Shop as servers will not pay for themselves.

= they done things that would “stabilize” the “patient” [game] … still we as players dont want the game to die… we want that money back ;D either by playing it or as some done refunded :slight_smile:
I got like 300h & I play now and then from time to time & I dont feel the same vibes from it , the characters dont have the same feeling like in V1 & V2 I really dont even associate with the char I created as the creation menu means nothing & impacts nothing in game & you can later just cover the whole character by some armor skins & never see it again… voiceline are dull most of the times & most annoying thing is when you create character they should give you full list of voice lines that it will get from your choices.

They just cant do things good as they just dont have experience in this field… it’s different from Vermintide & it didn’t work here. The only passable characters are probably Ogryn & psyker… rest feel awful after some time.

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That at some point a Darktide novel by Abnett comes out is an actual possibility - I‘d propably buy it.

And the lore of the game is nicely fleshed out - guess Abnett is responsible for that.

Nevertheless I would have liked more active story - who is the cult leader? Who commands the Moebian 6th? What is the inquisitor doing with our gathered information? What are his further plans?

I‘d really love if at one point single death guard Chaos space marines enter as bosses and we learn they plotted the intrigue or something.


Also maybe some more interactions on the Morningstar with all those characters… Maybe some small side missions [shorter timer than Melk like maybe 1 day from the point you accept them] for additional things or… if they really would be working in this direction for fleshing out the story… Maybe some nev events would be nice like supporting the nps guardsmen squad at some point[defend for time & w88 for their evac valkyrie to take them] or retrieving some intel whatever…

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Yes. I would buy that book immediately!


That’d require for a story to be present in the first place. What we currently ‘have’ is barely a fraction of VT2’s story, and even that had very little.

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How could you not see the deep story in the 30 second cutscenes where we kneel in front of an NPC telling us to do better? 10/10 story.


One of the problems with presenting the story in the method they’ve currently chosen is who we play. We started as members of a suicide squad that everyone spat on in the hall. By level 30 you’re a member of a suicide squad that gets a thumb up in the halls, but you’re still disposable and don’t really matter on command level decisions, so no one is going out of their way to tell us the full story. Right now to get details of the setting in game, we have to rely on rumors shared between characters mid mission, and whether or not those appear is based on what map you’re playing and RNG.

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What are you guys talking about? We found the traitor! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So there is about a few wiki pages worth of story so far. It is mostly missed by a lot of people because it is places around random comments and short cutscenes that make it a puzzle to be put together and hopefully you have a background to be able to. Something I would like is a dataslate function to piece it together better for people.

You have various background and peeks on a deeper story depending on who is the mission handler.


I juse read Xenos, Malleus and im finishing Hereticus, from what i get, Eisenhorn, as an Inquisitor, is pursuing leads, via psychic powers or direct ones.
As rejects we are just cannon fodder that somehow succeeds to redeem ourselves to join the Inquisition. Very disparate backgrounds since Psycker / Soldiers + Ogryns / Fanatics are members from different part of the Organisation of the Imperium. The backbones are Astra Militarum for soldiers, Ecclesiarchy for fanatics, and the Adeptus Ministorum (wich is also the Ecchlesiarchy but converning paper works, recruitment and intendance lets say. Psyckers fits in the Ecclesiarchy with fanatics as Sanctionned psyckers. All of wich can serves in the Astra Militorum, the difference here between regular conscript and us, rejects, is that we failed in our previous domain but we have a chance to serve once more. Why ? because the Inquisition tops off every authority in the Imperium, by far.
The Inquisition, tops off the Ecchlesiarchy, the Astra militorum and the Adeptus Ministorum. Even more since the age of apostasy when the Adeptus Ministorum aka the Ecclesiarchy became corrupted, and then purged thanks to Robute Guilliman the first tool of the Emperor (a Primarch).

But, everything still continues to function mostly as it was before the Cicatrix Malledictum which was the result of the 13th Black Crusade lead by a Traitor Primarch who succeeded in the destruction of Cadia, where pillars served has Gate holder, preventing the Eye of terror (an oppening between the warp and the chaos realm into the material world (our reality in the game) to expand.

So the cicatric malledictum is a wider scar where chaos can potentially came out from, and cause massive disruption in our reality. Robute Guilliman as we speak in game time, is leading a Crusade not seen since the Great crusade of the Emperor himself 10K yrs before.

More closely to the game, because the Inquisition still tops off every other authorities and in this star system the Meobius Domain is widely corrupted by cultists, heretics and even DH (wich leads to full deamons), we are recruited by the Inquisition despite all odds. And our job is, the ones of the Grand Inquisitor we see when we reach lvl 30, and fits to bestow upon us to rectifie the situation.
But since we are not even close to an Inquisitor we have no f***** clue what we are doing here. And thats where, in my opinion very close to Dan Arbet style. He decripts every trivial aspects of the Imperium but as an Omnipotent character wich we are not. Instead of being Eisenhorn himself, we are mere mortals, plunged into the colossal abyss of what is the Imperium and most importantly in the fringe systems that are more likely to be tainted by chaos.
So it is perfectly normal for us and very conveniant for FS, to just ram us with missions that makes no ****king sense to us. Cause RP speaking it would be the case, as only the Inquisitor might know what means leads to what ends as he might be plotting (the one of the cutscenes).

I also wanna say that we might be in the Plague War. wich ends the Crusade leaded by Robute Guilliman. Where basicly, The Emperor via RG, manage to wound one of the Champions of Nurgle in another star system (Ultramar). Which means, that, we are in the middle of a war lead by the Chaos God Nurgle to infect the most worlds possible with the Rotting Plague. And as subsiadiaries agent of the Inquisition, have to defeat it.

How ? the Inquisition is based on three orders: Xenos (for alien threats) Malleus (for Chaos threats) Hereticus (for Inside threats). But as we can read in those 3 novels, the 3 threats manifests in any form and shape: an alien species discover a Chaos artifact that a member of the Ecclesiarchy wants to get stronger. And they generally prefers to get to the root of the problem than Exterminatus a planet. The roots are, numerous. And it demands a very patient and skillfull mind to excavate them. Thats also, imo, why they just not Exterminatus Atomia Prime and the Hive city of Tertium, there is something there that might be even more dangerous that what we, cannon fodder, encounters in the maps that are proposed to us to purge.

w40k lore and stories are a mess, so its only speculations and correct me if im wrong.
But the “story line” is imo pretty much in this state. Rejects becoming a part of the Inquisition warband because 1: they can 2: they need us at this time 3: because their is a bigger picture. Ofc the frustrating part is we dont have access to the 3rd part.

Im personnaly enjoying to see those little leathery bags, that are in some levels, we cant interact with them and they are branded with an imperial aquilla. Here and there. Are we clearing those levels from heretics for some other operatives (more secretive ones) to collect some info about the traitor we see in the cutscene ? Might be. Might not.
Id just say its full of details…and we all know the trope of where the Devil lies…


I dreamed of a videogame with a book release by Dan.

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Psyckers are mostly dangerous because of their connection with the Warp, but the Emperor is one of them, the most potent it is said.

Zealots are often just Shrine worlds Militia, or plain Militia, that are devoted to the Imperium to he point of committing muderous purge in his name, without any authorisation from anyone. But, since they are “zealed” the Ecchlesarchy close an eye from time to time since they can also help to maintain order on low level scumbags that thrives everywhere.

Veterans are trained soldiers for the meat grinder that is the endless war. But, they are not enforcers (Adeptus Arbites: think Judge Dredd), wich means, they are not police officers, they are militaries. Front line, spec ops, you name it.

Ogryns are also soldiers when not workforce. They fit pretty much everywhere, where no brainpower is required and where there is no small doorways. Meaning that they can also be Thuggs etc etc and even be Mob Leaders, imo they are very close to the hierarchy of the Orks when they have not been properly endoctrinated within the Adeptus Ministorum and Astra Militorum ways.

Also, the weapons we have reflects all those archetypes and some fluffy bonus. Like the lawbringer that is more commonly used within the Adeptus Arbites (the Judges) or the Turolsky swords, that is a specific weapon used on a certain world and has specific lore, as for the power mauler, the catachan and machebian swords…

So this game is, when looked upon closely, way more interesting and developped than V2 wich was very basic. In regard of character customisation and way more focused on feats and builds.
There is some depth to this game that arguably was not in V2 or other like wise games.

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The current lore nuggets dropped during missions allude to Tertium producing superior steel for weapons and armor, though most notably tanks made with steel from Atoma are game changers on the battlefield and sorely needed in the sector.

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