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So darktide used the legendary Dan Abnett in some of their marketing claiming that he helped create the story but the story is basically non existent. It boils down to there is a traitor aboard the ship being heretical, find them. Yet what we do in game never aids in finding the traitor, we have no real interaction with what’s going on in the ship. We see the traitor in several cutscenes but nothing beyond that until she gets executed in the last cutscene and we are then made a member of the warband. Darktide is also supposed to be live service so I think the next most logical step for the story is to have the next set of missions be aboard the Morningstar. The traitor could have sabotaged the defences of the ship allowing it to be boarded by a large offensive by the traitors. I’m thinking maybe three missions that you can play in whatever order but there is a canonical way to play them as well. Being able to explore the ship in its entirety would be interesting with lots of tight corridors and observation decks overlooking the city, exploring the hangar and engine room, barrack, etc. it would also allow the other characters aboard the ship to become a little more interesting maybe have each of the three missions be dedicated to helping a specific character. Zola and the pilot (I forget her name) could be defending the hangar and need you to help clear it out. Hadron could need help protecting the engine room from a demolition team. Morrow could need help escaping the bridge or clearing deck by deck. Give each character a scripted moment like in the one mission where the pilot blows up the bridge while you escape. Also a good chance to add new enemies like scabs and dregs with breacher shields, or dregs and scabs with special weapons like plasma guns, hybrid units wielding a melee weapon and pistol. Make cool scenes with battles happening all around to make the environment more alive with other squads on the comms aiding in defending and clearing the ship instead of just being lifeless props you see occasionally in the beginning of some missions



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The story should subvert our expectations by having tyranids invade the ship and infect zola, the pilot, the servitor woman, and the guy who gives out penances and we have to shoot them all in the face to escape the ship.


Wow, fighting on the ship sounds awesome


That is because:

  • He created the background of the Moebian system, and for the different factions
  • The story we’ve seen is just the prologue

Update the wath? We working/worked for the inquisition the story is always been [REDACTED]

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I was really looking forward to the story too. I think Dan did create the Moebian 6th, which is probably the most fleshed out part of the “story” if you read up on them. I was hoping we would be able to actually speak to the main NPCs on the ship ourselves, similar to an RPG with dialogue choices of questions to ask them. As we progress, we get acess to more and more personal questions. I guess reality really is disappointing

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The backstory and setting were masterful creations but then it feels like they did everything they could to break kayfabe.

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You say “subvert” when this is what most players want now, especially in Hadron and Zola’s case.

Hadron is a f00kin savage :rofl: … Just glorious :laughing:

I like Hadron, she(?)'s got this whole tsun thing going on. The fact that she views me as a collection of self-maintaining spare parts only makes it cuter.

The Loner Psyker’s dialogue is particularly bad in this regard.

The setting and some of the tidbits you get are also very Abnett’esque, especially anything to do with the hive city itself. I read Magos and the Bequin trilogy recently and the style is very similar.

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