The Overrepresentation of Sharpshooters

im not talking about ideal scenarios
thats nonesense

That’s cool and all but the person I was responding to was talking about one shotting it with a claw sword.

mutants are maniacs and not unyielding iirc

Is not elitism but in Darktide you notice much more the difference in quality of a weapon going up difficulty since they do the same damage across all of them but enemies are less and weaker. On Malice a PS and a Devil Claw probably can feel very similar but on Damnation the 2 weapons clearly look much different.
Other side of the coin, nerfing PS will not bring any noticeable change in lower difficulties so i think only damnation performance should be considered.

You can read my post before the one you replied to see what I think about Zealot survivability. The toughness nerf for zealot was from around 80% down to now around 60% (considering the passive that is always on you).

For me, it was a change from not taking more than around 30 chip damage a game to now actually getting punished after my 3rd mistake losing from 30-50 to maybe 100 in a bad engagement. Still the max heal every 90 secs means it doesn’t really matter unless I get corruption. This is running Caxe5 btw without shred blessing.

Otherwise after seeing you write things like this:

It seems you are just a salty zealot main and would not take any of your balance ideas about veteran seriously.

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Pretty much everyone’s on damnation now anyway. Even people who are levelling their characters up to 30 :slight_smile:

Yeh either it does enough damage or it doesn’t. Their idea of creating a weapon meta failed completely and it just feels like two thirds of the weapons are weak or mechanically broken/irritating to use.

So they don’t get used.

Solution? Break the good weapons and force people to use the crap.

You will enjoy our weapon meta! Resistance is futile! You will have a situational load out and need your team mates!

Or they could just stop huffing their own farts and make all the weapons do good damage and have reasonable swing patterns and defensive ability’s.

I think it is pretty hard to tell how the player distribution actually is.
FS should have statistics though.

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I‘m still against any further nerfs for the PS. All nerfs suggested so far either break the lore (removing cleave or armor piercing, limiting activation even further) or would make the weapon much less fun to use (removing horizontal cuts from the moveset).

And whatever some here say - it would definitely effect lower difficulties as well.

It is a very powerful weapon no doubt - but there are different effective choices for the vet and I see them quite regularly.

I’ve played a lot Ogryn and Zealot lately and both classes feel much more powerful in melee to me, as it should be.


It seems you are just a salty zealot main and would not take any of your balance ideas about veteran seriously.

It’s all up to fatshark anyway.

I don’t agree, if anything when weapons have different marks there is one that’s the clear winner of the three options and some really lack interesting blessings options. I can’t think of any weapon to describe like you did except maybe the shield, and even that is a big maybe.

I find super easy to cover any weapon weakness with my other weapon whatever character I play, with PS there is no need cover any weakness.

You mean you shoot hordes when you use a tactical axe as a melee weapon with its nice vertical swings? :slight_smile:

I mean come on it’s not like you are hiding it.

Yeah, I just caving to some ill-informed feedback. They are known to either leave op stuff alone for too long or over-nerf even stuff that isn’t op (or make OP stuff useless).

BTW I’m not saying I’ve only seen unreasonable posts here, about potential, nerf targets, it’s just very few, and I find it strange to see such vitriol (and mountains of salt) towards the class that is pretty close balanced IMO with a good selection of playstyles and usable talents while something as OP as Zealot exists.

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
Autopistol with pinning fire and blaze away melt hordes and anything else except carapace.
Tac Axe ( mark 2 is the best one ) has access to brutal momentum and his heavy chain is quite diagonal, good enough to clean up a wave already severely thinned by one or two mags of the autopistol.
The 2 weapons complement eachother very well.

Ammo hungry though I was expecting you to say flamer :slight_smile:

Less ammo hungry than you think, with the power increase comes extra cleave, so you get extra value for evry shot, if you are able to get a 70% + t5 pinning fire and + 25% unarmoured wich is very doable you are able to oneshot a groaner, 2 shot a poxwalker and have a cleave of 2.3 at max stacks.
Very viable build for veteran other than zealot.

oh yeah my bad, I meant bonus to infested***

according to the achievsaround 5% have done one mission of each type on heresy, i suspect the amount playing damnation is a fraction of apercent, these forums do not give a very balanced view of whats going on

yes thats the point!

they just have a different design goal, there shouldnt be one weapon so strong it trivialises even the hardest content and making it so every weapon is just as broken and overpoweered wouldnt help that view rather it would ruin the game beyond any semblence of point left to play it

huff on guys.

Don’t you do it fat shark lol

btw if this is true

Then do you think making people on average weaker is a good thing?

Im not 100% against balance… imo bolter flamer and power sword are all pretty op. What im trying to say is there are way more weak broken or just useless weapons and blessings that need to be fixed buffed etc first

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That statistic taken in isolation paints an extremely innacurate picture. It counts that out of every person who so much as starts the game once. It doesn’t give any real indication whatsoever on what % of the currently active player base plays X difficulty. Only 10% of players have levelled 2 classes to 30. So I guess I could be similarly liberal with statistics and conclude that half of all players that bothered to level 2 classes have beaten all missions on Heresy. 29% of the player base have completed the story on a character (from memory happens when you reach level 30). So if we compare that statistic roughly a sixth of people who have bothered to fully level 1 character have completed all maps on Heresy. But even then that doesn’t account for how many people may have levelled to 30 then never even attempted Heresy before leaving the game for any number of reasons.

All together I don’t think we can really paint a very accurate picture of where the overall difficulty is at with steam stats. It is data I would absolutely love to have and discuss, but please lets not pretend that that all missions type heresy achievement honestly says only 5% of players can do Heresy decently in a game that has lost like, what, 90%+ of its players since launch? It feels either disingenous or just wantom abuse of statistics.

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wouldnt say one has anything to do with the other, the difficulties are there to offer a selection of challenges for us to pick the one we want, my personal opinion is the game is balanced around heresy and thats where FS expects the vast majority of people to play.

should people be weaker ? depnds on the context, i think its quite clear i believe the PS is overtuned and the path i think would best correct it is to nerf the stuffing out of it.

for me balance is the alpha and omega it is the long term viability of the game.
broken weapons need fixing we agree there , i would say the problem overpowered weapons need nerfing first , there actively damaging the game, the weak brocken ones (and im struggling to think of any id put in that bracket) are mearly limiting the content , which does need fixing but id rate as less critical

eh? that is the point of statistics, to promote a data set that corroborates your point of view all stats ever tell you is the agenda of the one supplying them.

fully agree, ofcourse i wasnt trying to , all i was doing was the minimal work to debunk the idea that everyone was playing damnation , it wasnt thesis on the games demographics. just one achieve stat plucked off the sheet.