Class Balancing

I have leveled all of my classes to 30 finally, with about 165 hours put into the game already; and I’d like to just post some input i have for the games balancing. And I don’t mean this in an entitled way, I love the game, and even if none of this was taken into consideration I’d be alright with that. Just thought it may be helpful.

Firstly I’d like to say, I don’t personally mind chip damage through toughness, but it should be reduced or switched to a different formula for calculating its damage reduction, as it feels off in its current state. And when it comes to melee weapons across the board, I think there needs to be some looking at when it comes to cleave. Another thing: please reduce the stagger and suppression players get from being hit by ranged damage, or just completely remove that. It feels very awkward in practice, and it doesn’t seem to work against enemies. They SOMETIMES cower when being shot at by a bolter.

Veteran Sharpshooter Feats:

-“One After Another” and “Duck and Dive” should be reworked as they don’t really compete currently.

  • “One After Another” imo it should be reload speed on weakshot kill for a set time.

-“Duck and Dive” maybe some sort of evasion chance? I’m not really sure how to make that competitive with the others.

Veteran Sharpshooter Weapons:

In the game’s current state, Plasma sword and bolter are the best weapons and it’s ALMOST not even close.

  • I think the plasma sword needs some sort of cooldown mechanic

  • The only real recommendation is to reduce the max ammo for the bolter, and buff the max ammo for other guns to give them that edge at least. I can never really find a reason to bring a lucius las vs my sweet sweet bolter.

Zealot Feats:

  • Make the “Enemies Within, Enemies Without” perk work haha.

  • Zealots ultimate should be uninterruptible, it feels extremely strange for it not to be.

-“Faith Restores All” should be some sort of passive, or it should be buffed somehow.

-“Emperor’s Executioner” doesn’t really make sense for the class niche and might as well be replaced outright.

Zealot Weapons:

-Eviscerator (and all chain weapons) need to have their camera fixation removed or toggleable, and the camera needs some work. It gets stuck in weird ways during combos and can be very off putting.

-Eviscerator needs a little more cleave, that’s all I can really think of.

-Thunder Hammer is way too slow, it needs at least a 10% attack speed increase, and the special should do a little more base damage. I’ve had my fun with it but it needs that eviscerator love.

Ogryn Feats:

-The “Big Box of Hurt” is in an odd place. And I think the “Bombs Away!” Feat should just be how it functions naturally. Without it there’s no real reason to put away my ripper gun to pull out the funny box.

-I think there should be a feat that allows you to escape from disablers every 60s or so, as I feel too big to be downed by a chaos puppy.

-“Bullfighter” cooldown bonus should be increased

-“Lead the Charge” should either have a longer effect, or it should be changed entirely, I was thinking an increase to mobility overall.

-“Bull Gore” should stack more bleed, bleed should also last longer than it does, it doesn’t feel useful beyond synergizing with other things. It should be a somewhat viable DOT.

-“Knife Through Butter” is absolutely useless, cleave never feels like a problem on the ogryn, and neither should it. This feat might be more useful if it was some sort of team based buff.

Ogryn Weapons:

-“The Heavy Stubber” should do more damage to all armor types, and more base damage too. It’s a heavy stubber and it feels like a regular LMG from COD. It needs just a little more oomph. Maybe add a slow firing higher damage variant?

-“Slab Shield” is way more useful in practice than any of the other weapons, simply because of how the game works. Blocking is fantastic with this bad boy. But we need the other weapons to do more damage to offset the fact that they don’t have a shield to accompany them. Or better yet, give us some slab shield variants!

-“Grenadier Gauntlet” should have a slight ammo buff, maybe a different melee moveset. I would prefer if the light attacks were all sweeps and the heavies were jabs or uppercuts or something (vice versa works!)

-The Ogryn’s arsenal in general lacks dps compared to their peers, and it wouldn’t be so much of an issue if he could cause more suppression (and if suppression actually worked) and just did a little more damage. The guy is a big dumb space marine, and deserves a little boost.

Psyker Psykinetic Feats:

-Soulblaze needs a buff in damage, or it needs to suppress things more. preferably both.

-“Cerebral Lacerations” needs a debuff buff. Bigger number = better!

-“Kinetic Flayer” needs to be like 20% or something, or it needs to be lower percent with no cooldown. The cooldown is a weird choice for its current percentage.

-“Psychic Communion” should be a slightly higher value, 4% feels a little too small, as there’s no other way to acquire warp charges besides this and brain bursts.

-Brain Burst needs to do a bit more damage, or a little less peril consumption. Its value is overshadowed by the mere existence of the bolter.

Psyker Psykinetic Weapons:

-“Blaze Force Sword” should be able to block projectiles naturally, I’m not sure why the visual effect of its block even exists if it can’t without a blessing.

-“Purgatus Force Staff” should do more suppression, and a little more stagger.

-“Trauma Force Staff” I don’t know where to start. Bigger AOE and damage? way more damage. It is a horde clearing staff, competing against the other staves that horde clear way better than it. It should just clear hordes haha.

-“Surge Force Staff” Should either naturally arc to more targets, or have a stat bar associated with it; or maybe a blessing.


-Please make all class penances based on a challenge for that class, and not a team based challenge. They’re absolute headaches to do, and nigh impossible without friends who love you dearly. For example: “Malleus Monstronum” Could be a certain percentage of boss damage needs to be done in brain burst damage instead.

Enemies/Damage Balancing:

-“Pox Hounds” reduce their HP to that of a trapper, it moves way faster than one and can phase in and out of existence at will, at least let us one shot them.

-Flame damage in general shouldn’t wipe your toughness out immediately, I think it should be a DOT.

-Ranged enemies spawn way too much in late game considering only two classes (two weapons) have the ability to block them at all. I’d like to see it be more melee focused. Or just rework suppression.

-Suppression as I’ve said works for the enemies, but not for the player. It feels one sided, I would like to send rounds down range with my heavy stubber to help my little ones out.

-Bleed overall needs to be a better DOT option just like Soulblaze. Crits shouldn’t be the highlight of either, they should be able to stand on their own somewhat.

I hope this reaches the Fatshark team well, I want the best for this game and the team.

All the best,

Captain Tiny.