The one Crafting-Lock we DO need

I find it rather ironic that with all the locks in Darktide like blessings, in resource siloing, perks, in mission selection, that ONE lock that would have saved a bunch of irritation is missing. I’m talking here about the Locking of favourite weapons & curios that you absolutely do not wanna sell, trash or lose (or just to even keep track of it).

In Vermintide 2 we had an inventory feature where we could favourite an item (represented by a little heart icon) which pretty much locks it from being scrapped or accidently modified. I cannot understand, with all the locks in place why this is missing in Darktide.

Now, I understand we should all be accountable for our inventory and be careful about breaking things down. However, when the process of crafting a good weapon involves (at least in my case) purchasing 20 - 50+ bases from that filthy scammer Brunt, and only getting maybe a couple of good bases, we end up with a huge amount of trash sub-statted grays that we have no use of and spam trash it in the effort to save time. Normally Im careful enough to do this without incident but there has been a few occasions when the next-item trashed just switched to a diff item type and poof, something really nice is gone :salt: :sob: :salt: :sob:. Also, in my inventory I have a bunch of items I deem as perfect as they are and don’t wanna touch anymore, and have a bunch more of items that I deem as really good but I still wish to work on when I have the time/will. Having to sift through each and slowly find the one I wanna extract or modify while double checking its not one of my favourite items gets really tedious.

I don’t get it. Vermintide 2 has this, as does most loot-driven games, its not a ground breaking idea and the tech is already there. If Darktide has positioned itself as a loot/crafting-driven game, why is this missing?


This game has one of the least user-friendly inventory UIs I’ve ever seen. It’s just a huge list. At the very least, it needs filter feature, a lock feature, and the ability to compare weapons without having to equip one of them.


It’s clearly a mobile UI.


its clearly designed to be this way. its not fat shark making mistakes, being incompetent etc.

it’s intentional. I made a post about the psychology being used against us in the crafting system, and they banned me for a week so I can’t talk about that anymore.


because the game wasn’t shipped in a completed state. They were still working on the UI after it shipped. I don’t know if you played the beta, but they were working on several ui elements even just the month before release. They were scrambling like mad trying to get everything into a ‘good enough’ state.


This brings back some good memories. All those posts about how it obviously was an old build anand how it probably was lacking sooo many features that was in the current build. If only those guys would’ve been true prophets.

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I encourage you to try again if what you say is true. But to try doing so without using hostile language or attacking people (FS employees included).

@anon93671839 You are welcome to discuss your thoughts on that. But suggesting that software bugs happening is comparably bad to school shootings happening should be avoided in your assessment.

I believe this QoL item is on our to do list @Serafyna


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Birthday Surprise 3

Anyway, great to hear that we will soon be able to handle our inventory better.
You guys could ask the modders if some of their other QoL code can be implemented into the main game. Maybe against a commission or something. There is tons of QoL mods out there that a lot of people use and they make the experience so much smoother.

While we wait for the native support, there is a mod for it … just saying.

And I agree that we really should have such features natively.

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Community Flags can be set by anyone in actuality. If I for instance flag your comment and a second person does also, it will immediately be hidden. I think it only takes 2 or so flags for it to trigger.

Also if Hedge found your comment too hostile, he wouldn’t flag it. He’d instead time you out. So it likely was another player / forum poster who flagged you.

This game lacks a lot of things VT2 had at launch… and VT2 has today.

-Green heart icon
-Red weapons
-Bot commands/customization
-Loot when levelling past 30
-More classes
-Staying together in the same keep after a mission
-Selectable maps and difficulties
-Difficulty for try hards that doesn’t give a farming incentive



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I booted up VT2 just for you to get this:

Prevent you from throwing them out.

Probably… but in what form, and how would we acquire them is the real question.

I don’t think it’s overlevelling the party depending on the difficulty. Even if they aren’t client side, they can have them scale with the difficulty. Or if you’re playing solo mode allow you to do it. Even in game, telling bots to move to places, to pickup tomes and grims, that can still be done client or server side.

But it would be better to get emperor’s gifts, or melk coins or something for every level after 30.

The other statements I agree with.

Another thing VT2 has Darktide doesn’t… shared resources. And not just shared resources, shared items. Can use trinkets, necklaces, and charms on all characters and classes.

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I didn’t even know that was possible now. Wow.

Probably maxxing Perk, Blessing and Attribute Levels. No idea how we acquire them, probably same as now. Emperor’s Gifts + Melk Bucks + Upgrading (probably way more expensive)

That’s a pretty good idea actually @FatsharkCatfish
Have BOT gear and level based on difficulty:

Sedition: Level 5 with white gear
Uprising: Level 10 with green gear
Malice: Level 15 with blue gear
Heresy: Level 20 with purple gear
Damnation: Level 30 with legendary gear

Agreed. Further level up rewards would also make the +XP Perks on Curios more valuable.
I vaguely recall Catfish say that they were talking about shared resources. Or was it Hedge?
Either way, would make a good weapon more valuable because you can use it on all your characters when applicable.

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What the hell man…
Why do you own a non red item?


Lol I rolled max stats on it as an orange so I just left it :stuck_out_tongue:

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thats a wild accusation, “suggesting that software bugs happening is comparably bad to school shootings happening should be avoided in your assessment.”

I 100% made no such suggestion. why don’t you talk to me in DM and clear it up then?

i have asked hedge for a list of words im not allowed to say because I dont like being in trouble, ive asked him to look at this 100% false accusation above.

I don’t want to be a problem here.

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