THE MAN OF IRON darktide challenge run

Greeting reject handlers, I am not a sentiant automaton, I am merely a high function servitor and anything/anyone else saying otherwise is clearly unfamilier with the inner workings of the Kin.

I have come to your today with a special challenge for the dareing amungst you.

Many of you may have a your 4 main operative leveled and ready and seek further challenge.
however you may notice you have that vacent 5 reject slot needing a fresh body to fill it’s roll.

thanks to a surplus of civillian class convicts unfit for battle and nowhere to go I have a solution to your problems!


The challenge on paper seems straight forward, roll that elusive 5th character and level them up as best you can. however, failure of the run means you delete that character and start from scratch.

The rules are as follows.

Grey items only.

No talent points alloted.

At level 10 you will force yourself to play uprising difficulty, 15 you will play on malice until at lvl 20 you join heresy and at 25 you will throw yourself at Damnation.

You cannot select your mission and will instead have to prey to emperor as you use quick play.

being downed in a mission does not count, unless you want it too. The real failure comes at a mission failure.

leveling up to 30 does not count even if a mission failure gave you the last nugget of XP to reach it.

once you reach lvl 30 you can complete the challenge and keep the character or just see how far you can take yourself if you want more pain.

Self disconnections or leaving the round to avoid a loss is immediete failure.

you may take at least 1 freind in your group.

you fail a mission before 30, you delete and make a new character.

relics can be used but you cannot purchese new ones or reroll their stats, use only what you’ve earned in drops.

Command understands not everyone wants to oversee the training of what amounts to out of shape civillian conscripts and will not force it upon you.
If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the labor we shall promptly turn them over to the tech preists for servitor reassignment.

But those with the patiance and zeal to squeeze blood from stone and make these rejects something worth adding to the list of operatives will surely earn the emperors favor.

Note: overseer Hadron has forbid the distribution of holy armements above the classfication of slavaged to in her words “the deceased”.

[I’ve been doing this myself since august for fun and thought to share it once I thought of the title pun.]

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