The main reasons why you lose. And what to do to win

BW bolt build… what is this heresy? Go play 40k if you want a bolter :joy:

Barkskin says hello :slight_smile:


Well this is surely heresy, but so fun to justify 35hp in ff for 2 one shores mauler :wink:
This is subject to another topic, but the build is actually good, sadly overshadowed by BW dots.
She got access to so much choice, poor unchained which as nothing

I mean, yes, of course. I think no one would complain about experienced, careful hagbane users. It’s the not careful ones, Those who hit you with a bloodshot drawn hag because you decided to kill that gasrat in melee and they don’t trust you in doing that, decreasing your health by half (with 2 grims).
I’m just advocating that friendly fire should be avoided if possible as the first line.
Also shot placement is important, maybe not using the hag on the enemies directly in contact with the IB, rather 1 row deeper into the enemy, and much ff is avoided (and most of the time more enemies hit). Most notable with elves who don’t jump and just lay into the enemy on ground level.

Just proc’ing his gromil armour for the knock back :joy: #JustElgiThings

Also what? Half your HP from 2 hagbane shots? I think last time I tested, a single DoT, cloud effect, not a direct hit, it doesn’t even take 1HP. I’m not sure how much a direct hit does, but I’m sure it’s not 35 damage.

Also, pro tactic for any new elf users. Get the custom reticle mod. That way you can change your crosshairs green and friendly fire no long exists :joy:


I will say better just kick every elf, works like sigmar wanted it !

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The AoE might do a devastating, soul crushing 1 damage. Two direct hits might take 5-8(depending on your damage reduction). Barkskin would probably shrink that a lot. When I play FK I will tell a team mate at times to unleash the beast with Hagbane or Flamethrower if they feel it because I can power through what little damage they might do. People who whine over the 1 damage hagbane/flamethrower AoE always make me chuckle. The damage is only bad if your team mate absolutely peppers you with those weapons. FF procs barkskin anyways so it sort of helps, in a way(that isn’t to say shooting your team is good).


Okay, okay, half hp is too much, that was wrong.
But IB and UC with barkskin is not really representative for all the squishier careers.

It’s double the amount, about 14-17 dmg.

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That’s direct hits with bloodshot. If your elf is doing that to you on a regular, might be time to find a new elf XD

You should realistically only being getting hit by the DoT cloud occasionally.

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The problem is not the damage, but the constant tick scr*wing up the ranged cross hair.

Don’t help your teammates

I think its fine if you are sth like IB/FK or HM. I had several occasions of WS reviving me and she died pretty quickly. Don’t do that unless you run 60% block cost reduction or have stagger-aoe talents to help it. Or a grenade.

The biggest thing to take from this post is to let teammates die if you’re not close at all to them. Even as a tank you can’t do anything about players dying in 5 seconds when they’re downed on Cataclysm.
But you should look at why you are spaced out so badly in the first place.

A lot of pub players need to learn better instincts about staying in formation. Fight mobs together. Use push-attacks often. Be aware of where you’re fighting and move as a group to the nearest spot with, at a minimum, 2 lines of approach when ambushed.