The Greed is Written Upon the Wall

Darktide obviously has its problems. Stuff learned from the Vermintide series has either been forgotten or outright ignored, leading to an understandable amount of frustration on the player-side. But what worries me most is that the game has seemingly been designed with microtransactions in mind from the word go.

It’s clear that you’re being set up to bleed from the wallet. The most egregious of this is the lack of shared currency, items or anything at all between different characters that you create. Though I’ll return to that point shortly.

The custom characters themselves are waving red flags as we walk around the Mourningstar. Let’s ignore how the Mourningstar doesn’t hold up anywhere near the Red Moon Inn or Taal’s Horn Keep as that’s a different topic entirely, and how the social hub isn’t social at all. Anyway, it’s clear these “OCs” only primarily exist as they’re less effort to create than established characters and its preying on the fact people want to dress up their OCs which opens the window for MTX, another reason why the game was also priced lower than most people expected.

I’m a cynical person under the belief that Oska Krall, the Chirurgeon, was not added as a QoL feature for the player base. But a necessity for Fatshark as nobody would buy the MTX if they couldn’t change something about their character to fit them.

But jumping back to how nothing is shared among characters. It’s a real fear of mine, and many others, that the reason for this is extend the grind and sell possible shortcuts later in Darktide’s life be that right after launch or a few months from now, who knows. If I can buy the “weekly currency” in packs, then it explains also why those challenges are borderline too much to just simply outrageous.

If I decide to play a different character than my main, they’re dead in the water. They get nothing. Which makes ignoring them feel awful because I’ll have doubled my grind, possibly tripled, and even quadrupled it if I decided to try and balance all four classes, and I’m going to be real with you Fatshark. I like sleep, and this will only make me despise Darktide.

You have the potential, again, for a extremely fun game here. You’re just walking another tightrope that the community asked you not to get onto, and you’ve drunkenly ran to it screaming “look at me go!” while we all wait to see if you’ll make it to the other side once more or fall flat on your face. I cannot do another four years of watching a Fatshark game flip flop about. Please get it together.


I made a huge post outlining my issues with the game, and I said there that my #1 issue is the lack of shared resources and progression between characters - which is exactly what you’re speaking to here.

It does indeed reek of microtransactions as a way to shortcut the grind. I’m hoping it doesn’t go fully that way - because if it did they might as well just make it a F2P game. It almost feels like that to me with how it’s all setup.

With how cagey Fatshark is in their communication it’s just worrying. They kinda-sorting working on private lobbies in December (no word whether you can pick missions or not freely). They haven’t said anything about future classes being free or paid (we all know they will likely be paid - heck the 4th careers in VT2 were paid, why would they go back on that cash cow?). Selling premium currency as part of the collectors edition already, etc.


yeah, it does look like the game will rely more heavier on the micro transactions and I’m kind of worried about how much, but to be faire, the surgeon was an obvious addition for any game with cosmetics, you need to give an option to change them.

it’s obvious that premium skins are going to be the main source of revenue, I’m just worried about grind shortcut as this encourage dev to make the grind as frustrating as possible.

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I’m honestly fine with straight up paying cash for premium cosmetics if it’s something I want enough. But why does the rest of the game - and specifically the gameplay affecting elements like basic gear/items - need to be coupled to such a grindy, RNG-heavy system.

This is where Deep Rock Galactic got things right by comparison. The “progression” of your character relative to gear and equipment is really quick. You can play for less than 10 hours and get basically fully geared up across most of the characters (other than overclocks) And there is nothing punishing or unfun as part of that journey. The “grind” in deep rock feels purely tied to cosmetics. Everything gameplay related is easily achievable without much grind (or no grind) at all.

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It’s a sad reality but micro transactions are one of the best ways for a company to make extra revenue out of their release. I’ve come to just kind of accept the fact that any game I play is probably going to have some type of post purchase “store”. My cut off point is when the store allows pay2win transactions.

Fatshark was riding that line with some of their DLC Careers in VT2(Yes I’m looking right at you SoT). Luckily they brought those characters more in line with the stock game. The rest of the store is cosmetics which I can deal with.

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an other great thing of deep rock is the feel of continuity in the unlock, the main quest take you from start to end of a caracter reducing the feeling of only repeating the mission until the next unlock.

Im just kinda worried they are gonna sell the first set of new classes and pull that crap they did with VT2 class dlc where they split the character and cosmetics into two separate dlcs.

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