The Geheimnisnacht Nurglings should be permanent additions to levels where it makes sense (Convocation of Decay, Chaos Wastes, etc.). Similar case for other assets such as Sofia's Skeletons and Iced Pactsworns

It’s bizarre that you spent the time making such cool looking Nurgling assets that are interactible…and make them only appear in limited levels 10 times a year.

My suggestion is to implement them as level assets in a selection of levels where they would make sense to be seen frolicking around. They are…

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-Convocation of Decay: the Pactsworn literally opened a gateway to the Realm of Nurgle to summon a Great Unclean One, you literally enter said realm to disrupt it. Would it not make sense if some Nurglings crawled out and were dancing around the ritual room and the pool?

-Festering Grounds: I think it’d be cool if the Nurglings danced around in the shrine area with all the buboes. Like what if popping a bubo releases Nurglings?

-Chaos Waste and Citadel levels under Nurgle’s control: this ones self explanatory

SOFIA’S SKELETONS (I specified Sofia’s because it’s be confusing if it’s Sienna’s skeletons)

-Amethyst Weaves, the skeletons would look great as regular spawns in Amethyst Weaves since it already has the graveyard appearance complete with turquoise ghost missiles

ICED PACTSWORN (the ones that show up in Karak Azgaraz levels)

-Skittergate’s Norsca section : it would make so much sense for the enemies there to be covered in snow. Norsca is even more snowy than Karak Azgaraz

I was going to suggest the suicide bomber skavens, but those guys are terrifying and spammy and would ruin any levels they’re implemented in unless they’re changed.


Wouldnt be against it since it sounds awesome

Yeah, too bad nobody plays weaves much, but the skeletons would work nice there and I used to wonder why the Norsca barbarians didn’t have the snowy texture like they do on all other snow maps now.

The Nurglings also could be worked into the weekly quests for critter kills.

It’s not played much because FS stopped trying to fix it…and FS stopped trying to fix it because it’s not played much… because FS stopped trying to fix it…because it’s not played much…

The ball is on FS’s court tbh is fix it so people will play it.

There’s so much seriously great art assets and music, and there’s potential in it, a ton in fact.

Yes, I think, like the Chaos wastes, if there were more rewards like cosmetics carried over from the Winds of Magic Weaves, then more people would play. My friends don’t play it because they have little incentive to play it. When you have game modes that are all independent of one another, and a small player base, then they all get divided among the different modes and people will tend to stick with the most rewarding mode.

Weaves are a lot shorter than a Chaos Wastes run, and they offer a unique experience with different modifiers with a skill progression system as people work up to Cata3, but all you get are frames. They have these cool skins unique to the Winds of Magic, but you can only use them in that game mode. They don’t appear on upgrades in the Chaos Wastes and they’re not in campaign mode.

I think if the weapon skins carried over and they made custom cosmetics along with an update to include more unique modifiers for missions effected by a wind of magic, then you’d find a lot more people playing it. Also, I think they should just make the Winds of Magic DLC free with a toggle option on the mission menu for Campaign mode to disable beastmen if you’re hosting.

The Chaos Wastes was free, I think if it costed money and included no cosmetics that can be used in campaign mode, it’d be wasting away like the Weaves.