The gameplay loop outside of missions feels extremely dreadful

People made posts about this many times, I’m just sounding my opinion, so here are some bullet points.

The good:

  • The combat is one of a kind, no other game in existence (so far) provides the same feel, it’s even better than vermintide 2 in many aspect, although worse in some for some reason.

  • The sound design for weapons is outstanding (except the unpowered power sword attacks, wtf is that), same goes for the maps.

  • Soundtrack.

  • Great graphics.

  • Cool classes, too few though.

The bad:

  • The progression system is horrible, it took me around 120 hours to get max level on all four classes, considering the game should be all about the endgame (in my opinion), this is such a weird decision.

  • Crafting is not complete yet, and I have a feeling it won’t be good at all, my guess is it will be designed not to help you refine your build or to create an alternate one, instead it will be all about gambling all of your crafting materials, in hopes you get a good blessing on your weapon, just reroll and reroll, and keep in mind, you can only modify 1 blessing, the other is locked.

  • What is point of the timed shop? why not just let us craft the weapons, I’m 160 hours in and I still don’t have a weapon that I can say is here to stay, all my weapons will be gone the second RNG decides to through a better version my way, which will take years if I had to guess.

  • They won’t back on many promises, one of them being able to earn aquillas (the premium currency) through gameplay, don’t remember the rest, but they were about crafting, you might say they will release the full crafting system in the coming months, but from what I read on their post on steam, they are changing how it works, looks horrible.

In conclusion, the artificial grind will ruin this game, fatshark, your games are not mainstream, you can’t keep your playerbase intact if this is what you offer.


First of all: there is no loop. RNG FOMO store hunting every 60 min is gotcha mobile-game mechanic and it exists totally outside of any gameplay (apart from earning coins, but at some point who cares about them anymore when you want good rolls). Missions doesn’t matter, difficulty doesn’t matter, secondary objectives doesn’t matter, modifer doesn’t matter, global modifers doesn’t matter, weeklies doesn’t matter (it’s same RNG base roll roll just worse than Store). Nothing you do has any influence on what RNG store will give you.


Spot on. That is the truth behind it. It’s another RNG layer to artificially prolong “gameplay” hours for players to cover lack of content. With full crafting it will be even worse than now as you will need not only weapon you want, weapon variant you want, good rolls, rolls where you need them, at least one good perk (since it will be locked for reroll) and at least one good blessing (since I bet you can only reroll one blessing too). Even for upgrading blessings you need to first find enough of them in RNG store.

Crafting won’t make gear progression better. It’s all RNG still.


Yeah I should’ve said the overall game experience instead of gameplay loop.