This games (((core))) combat feels good, the rest of the game just needs to catch up

obvious ones first
-crashing: i have done a fresh install of this game 3 times now, messed with settings, messed with PC settings, talked to both my GPU and CPU tech support, take my PC to a shop to get it checked, done benchmarks to test capability. and yet after every possible test was clear, every measure was taken, and every part was verified, I still crash 5-7 times per mission. i honestly can’t go more than 3 minutes without a crash(not an exaggeration I timed it)
time and again I have been told “oh I’m not crashing too much you must just have some bum parts that need replacing” its not my pcs problem, yanderedev could have made this game more stable

performance: I can run cyberpunk max graphics at 60fps, I can run new world max graphics 120fps, I can run horizon forbidden west max graphics 120 fps. this game, on minimum settings with reduced res, 50fps if I’m lucky and 20 in a horde
once again
i think most of these have been said, but this is a copypasta from when I was talking to a friend about darktide yanderedev could have made this game more stable

time gaming and loot: I have over a thousand hours in warframe, I know time gating and I’m mostly ok with it. however, darktide has some of the most outright predatory, disrespectful time gaiting I have ever seen. want to play a mission, on a timer, want to use the shop on a timer, want a new gun on a timer, want to craft material gathering on a timer.
hope you like logging in every hour on the hour to check the shop and missions to see if you are allowed to play the game yet

weapon testing: in vermintide you get a minimum power version of every gun and weapon as soon as you unlock them, meaning you can test them out in hub to see how they feel and what combos they have
in darktide you have to go through 2 loading screens and even then you have to sell your soul to the time vendor and hope you get the wep you want with a good roll

hub feel/useability: you know the guard, just to the left of spawn In the hub, yeah the guy you slam into every time. why is he there, who put him there. was it the same person who made it 3rd person, or was it the guy who removed all the character rooms and secrets. or perhaps we are in some Scooby-Doo mystery and its all the same guy wearing a sheet on his head

character loadout diversity: i can boot vermintide and put on any set of weps and talents that i want and not have to worry about it, because at the end of the day my skill is more important to the mission.
in darktide if I’m running anything except the slab shield and stubber I’m basically throwing and the mission is basically over. imagine if the only loadout on bardin was the ax and shield and crossbow were the only things you could ever use. that’s how they chose to balance this game.

failed to implement systems from vermintide
-bot load outs
-settings menu
-power level being clear about what it means, or meaning anything at all
-solo play existing on launch
-feeling of progression/meaningful difficulty
-cash shop being well implemented and deserved
-challenges and timed stuff being worth/fun to do
-choosing the weapon you want
-choosing your own map/difficulty
-ability to test your builds in hub with no loading screen
-ability to inspect character mid mission
-ability to inspect any weapon without the animation breaking or crashing your game
-talents being worth caring about and interesting and not being bugged
-the hub being overly large, clunky, and feeling about as empty as fallout 3
-dodging feeling more akin to being force-pulled 10 ft, rather than a small jump out of the way
-numerical counters for ability cooldown
-bot/social commands(eg. pick up, heal, grab med)/quick chat
-mgs dont have a breakdown mechanic making them able to spam indefinitely
-enemy dialog is nonexistent/impossible to hear, even with audio max
-characters feel like empty shells with a speaker
-characters dont feel unique and arent visually distinct
-enemies dont look different from specials/specials don’t feel, well, special
-no icon to tell you when your hits dont go through armor
-(subjective)ui is a direct downgrade from vermintide and doesn’t function
-melee weps feel samey and dont have as much character as vermintide
-6 types of auto rifles, I don’t think I need to say more
-even with sprinting you feel slower than in vermintide
-grims and scrips dont feel as fun to get as in vermintide (locations just feel like they were left out, as opposed to the hidden ones in vermintide)
-temp health
-unique feel of each mission in vermintide vs copy pasta mission of darktide
(eg the tiles in darktide being reused throughout several other missions)
-story, of any sort(I get its a ‘live title’ but I paid 60$ for this game, I expect to get a 60$ game)
-mission difficulty progression, instead of “beat a mission of this difficulty to unlock the next”
-potions or mid mission powerups (hell give us an 'emporers blessing/totem that gives us 1% more damage, something)
-growing hub that builds as you level characters
-secrets within the hub
-hotkeys to access the different locations in the hub without having to move (they have it for the shop, why not EVERYTHING ELSE)
-side objectives dont have a reason to be done
-higher difficulty don’t have a reason to be done
-enemies (mostly snipers) have little windup meaning that forcing them to reposition by diving is a death sentence, so you have to run a ranged counter
-weapon balance, everything in vermintide is useable, why not in darktide

i want to love this game, within an hour of preorders coming out, i bought not only myself, but my brother an imperial edition copy of the game.
i was active in both betas and the forums.
I’ve put 50+ hours in so far despite being almost unable to play due to performance and stability.
I’ve gotten ogryn up to 30 and zealot up to 15.

i want to love this game, but its hell-bent on making me hate it