Beta feedback after 60 hrs

-great gameplay, I love the weapons and the combination of melee and ranged fighting, the guns are really fun to use
-great graphics on high, decent graphics on low
-great music
-great atmosphere
-no friendly fire is good game design in my opinion

-terrible optimization and performance, you need a high end pc to run it well at 1080p/high graphics settings, and no, console frame rates do not count as running it well
-grindy with garbage rng weapon buying system, this is similar but slightly different from vermintide, instead of rng chests there are rng stores
-there is no toggle aim or separate aim sensitivity option from look sensitivity, this is unacceptable for a fps, and it makes aiming difficult
-I run into ui bugs all the time
-this game seems to have balances issues, the same difficulty missions can be easy or hard depending on random luck
-there are extremely long load times with an ssd