The game should get a new difficulty mode before anything else

a guy pointed out something i tend to agree with but before any more BIG reworks to things like existing classes, it might be a better idea to add some tougher difficulty modes for the players better than me with actual friend groups to play with to give them something to chew on AND THAN going back to bringing the characters up to vets and now psykers level and adding more gamemodes and maps.


For prioritization (IMHO):

1.) Stability and crashing
2.) Fix progression and awful RNG
3.) Remove character siloing
4.) Fix map selection options
5.) Allow edits to characters after creation (ludicrous to need to delete a character and start over to rename them)
6.) Balance passes and tweaks on existing content (fixing broken combinations).
7.) New content.

Honestly for new difficulties I feel like they will nerf/remove the dodge slide combo and only allow sliding after a forward sprint with stamina. This should change current strategies and make the game more challenging, especially if the do proper balance passes and nerfs where needed. They should make all the hidden mechanics around damage reduction during sliding (which differs between classes) more accessible and transparent to the end users.


If it doesn’t slow the implementation of other fixes, I would very much like another round of careers. It couldn’t hurt to have at least one other class that could effectively deal with threats at range that isn’t the Veteran.

Or at least a long-range staff for the Psyker. The crappy M1 projectiles really need to go away too…

I dunno with the current enemy suppression mechanics the stupid staff bound bolts that do little damage to anything will disrupt a Reaper from shooting with a single hit. Landing one in a crowd of shooters will make them all duck, which is why I don’t think Run n Gun is actually that bad with them either. I prevent way more damage from shooters with the staff bound bolt than I do a deflector sword generally. Your guard breaks too fast there and machine gunners require a response.

Honestly just wish it flew a little faster, since the big projectile works better with the bad hit reg than most guns and it costs nothing. Use it to control shooters and its actually slightly goofy.

For prioritization:
1.) Stability and crashing
2.) Fix weapons bugs and other bugs well documented
3.) Balance all weapons (includes nerfs)
4.) New maps (or a system to get dynamic built missions like I described several times)
5.) Introduce changes to make RNG more acceptable (exchange between plasteel/diamantine/ordos, option to dismantle weapons, increase plasteel rewards from mission, increase to 340 quality of weapons from Brunt’s armoury)
6.) Introduce new subclasses

I agree about “Allow edits to characters after creation (ludicrous to need to delete a character and start over to rename them)” but I would not put that in priority

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I would go 5, 4, 6, 2, 1, 3.

5 because its small
4 because its key to player retention
6 because its key to player retention
2 because quashing weapon bugs that prevent weapons from being used is analogous to adding new weapons though not as good
1 because bugfixing and stability are always important but some instability can be tolerated
3 because balance is easily the lowest rung on the ladder given its a PvE game. Balance, probably, can exist on its own track seperate from other development though so :person_shrugging:


I would say for 5 just removing the locks is a very quick fix for huge ROI. Should take little dev time to do so.


yeah… but when you will understand that they won’t do it… we will have progressed a lot.

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I think the current difficulties just need to be tweaked instead of adding more. That’s just going to split up our shrinking player base even more.

They need to fixate on QOL updates and CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. More maps, more mix in said maps, more classes, more weapons. More earnable cosmetics. (I would say more MTX cosmetics too, but we already know they are sitting on a mountain of them.)

I mean HOLY HELL wasn’t this suppose to be a live service game???

Hi-intensity + Shock Troops does this reasonably well. We probably need something even tougher though, because a coordinated group can still get through that with reasonable consistency.

I want a mode that has a 90% failure rate.


I do like that idea. Something that people would have to work for to get better gear or complete it with a really well-coordinated group. I miss that from V2 Fortunes of War Cataclysm Difficulty.

A new difficulty is definitely wanted and something I hope to see in the future. While the Hi-Intensity Shock Trooper Modifier is a great addition. It still is a modifier that is based on time and when Fat Shark actually posts it up.

ohhh yea people think dmg numbers and health bars are all that can be balanced forgetting that number of enemies, number of enemy types, desision making of the damn brilliant ai director that is so good, its criminal that no one talks about it more, and so on of little things that could be changed even being something like a faulty batteries modifier that could make med stations that need to be charged get a random charge and perhaps another possible modifier like charge em up that could mean all med stations need to be charged before use could come together to make monstrous difficulties all based on limiting the most important reosource anyones got being hp.

Why? If you want a real challenge go play pugs on Heresy or greater. Most pug groups I’ve joined fail at Heresy and higher.

i play herecy and its pretty easy even in pubs if you know your role and minimize the drawbacks your teammates mistakes make by staying in coherency and subsequently buffing them as well as covering them with either heavy cc like the purgatus or crusher hammer for example or have something like a bolter or flamer, its not hard to keep even the worst teams alive for a lot longer than their mistakes should allow and learning to pound out objs and loot spawn locations isnt hard. i have played for like 50 hours and i can already win over half the herecy runs with extra modifiers i play and win almost all normal herecy runs.

hell even damnation isnt something i expect to be hard once i get my weapons to have the right stats, perks, and blessings. like srly if your having a hard time take a look at your build and watch guides to see what weaknesses it likely has.

I agree that the current difficulties are easy, but I dont think its as simple as just adding in “new difficulty with scaled numbers” this game is held back in terms of player autonomy, by having limited cover options, coherency, and toughness regeneration intrinsically tied to coherency.

Cata I - III and (weaves) for example, if not abusing bugs are all challenging but possible because generally speaking players if good enough have the tools to get through most if not all situations the game can throw at you, Darktide with its build limitations and restrictive anti “solo” motto is going to make adding progressively difficult content a challenge. Simply tacking on more health and damage makes maps feel like a slog, and generally unfun (see WoM beastmen), high intensity stuff is a much better approach, but with the graphical intensity and poor optimization of this game, that would likely prove problematic as well since a number of people seem to already struggle to play the base game in its current state.

Maybe it’s different on non-US servers? In the pugs I’ve played I fail about 2/3rds of every heresy run because people try to run and gun solo mode or rarely group up. Or worse do not pull back to clear an area and instead run forward to aggro more mobs in other rooms/areas and then get knocked out and killed. The worst part is when someone activates the demon host just because and then they act as if it was a accident or simply don’t care and leave the group.

“Just play with an uncoordinated team” is not a substitute for real gameplay challenges. Dealing with uncoordinated or unskilled teammates is fundamentally not an interesting challenge. It’s just annoying. Yeah, you might wipe because your teammate has no idea what the orange glowy barrels do, so he blows up the entire team – but is that an interesting challenge? No, it’s not.

Ymmv, but to me it becomes interesting when you and your team are all playing at peak and it’s still hard, because the environment is so unforgiving and intense. Yes, playing blindfolded might be “hard” in a sense, but that obviously does not scratch the same itch as more difficult game content.

I dunno, I kind of enjoy playing mama bear for a team made up of challenged individuals every now and then.