The game has started hitching/stuttering in the last two days

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Issue Description:
Not sure if it’s from a game update or the recent NVidia driver update but my game has started hitching/stuttering regularly in the last few days. Overall frame rate has probably improved but I am regularly experiencing massive frame drops for short periods for half a second or so at a time. Didn’t happen before the last couple of days.

Attempted Solutions:
I messed with the graphics settings a bit but didn’t see any improvement. Will try rolling back the graphics card drivers if I don’t find another solution.


PC Specifications:
RTX 2080 Max-Q

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-04-16.01.38-a3f7b4a9-914f-4ea9-972d-31fc7716af88.log (623.7 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (844.0 KB)

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update: Only been through one mission but I disabled the Nvidia in game overlay and didn’t get any stuttering at all.

how much vram let me guess 8gb?
i have a rtx 2070 8gb and having the same issues, my guess is that i have too less vram. game runs smooth with 60-100 fps but at a certain point it starts to stutter and hang.

I think it’s 8GB yeah. I haven’t noticed my VRAM maxing out though.

Turning off the nvidia overlay doesn’t seem to have resolved the problem in the long run, dunno why it seemed to run smooth for a while after I did that but it’s back to dropping frames pretty consistently now.

yo tl:dr
they fixed some memory leaks last patch, i think that was the problem for me. now it runs pretty smooth for a rtx 2070. but a few performance tweaks wouldn’t hurt. all in all it is pretty playable now. i turned off nvidia ansel via admin cmd. i don’t think it does anything, but i don’t need it. you could try it for the placebo effect.
open cmd with admin → type NvCameraEnable.exe off
if you need further information just google “NvCameraEnable.exe off”
one overlay less, but i really don’t think it will do anything.

maybe it is the internet connection check if you have packet loss when the stuttering occurs.
sometimes i have very long loading times and when the game starts i have 1-2 bots in the group. this are some server sided connectivity issues i guess. they will fix that, but it always can happen that someone drops out. regards

i forgot to mention that i turned down the worker threads to 13. i have a ryzen 9 5900x 12/24. someone on the forums suggested setting one more physical core. gl