The Force Sword isn't good

Just remove the peril from the push/push attack and the weapon will be fine.

Even just the push honestly.

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The push attack too. It’s not good enough of an attack to justify costing peril. It pushes things around. I’ve got other weapons where the push attack is good at killing hordes or good at single target damage. Either way, the effect is different but comparable and debateably better than force sword’s push attack and all that it costs me is stamina. The whole knee jerk addition of peril sources everywhere was a premature response to claims of psyker being OP from the october build. Complaints that seem foolish in light of seeing what a bolter can do.

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Maybe what they could do is make it so that the force sword push is like a mini-version of Psykinetic’s Wrath, and actually reduces your peril by 5% or so, but if you don’t have any peril to expend it doesn’t work.

That way they get around the problem of infinitely spamming huge pushes, but also create a back and forth between playing defense with the sword to get rid of peril and playing offense to build up peril.

You know the push attack can literally knock down any elite or special besides a Bulwark, right? I’d say that’s probably more powerful than most push attacks.


I’ve been trying this supposed “powerful push attack” recently. It seems very, VERY unreliable. Like sometimes I push an enemy that is straight up in my grill and they won’t even flinch, and other times I’m vaguely close to something and the splat on the floor.

I’ve kind of gotten used to it costing peril, and if it’s really that powerful then sure, but right now, I feel like my pushes do nothing 80% of the time, or at least 80% of the time I want them to.

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It’s a bit clunky. Basically, you have to treat it as having the range of a dagger, and you need to have your cursor directly on the target when you’re pushing.


That defeats the whole purpose of a push attack, then. Especially one which has a bombastic Warp blast as its animation, and requires Peril to execute.

Look at something like the Flame Sword from VT2. That thing was basically a horizontal stick, and it pushed a sizeable amount of enemies as a result.

I wonder if maybe push strength is tied to power level like stagger strength was in VT2.

Huah? Well that doesn’t make sense at all then. In the closed beta the push attack from the force sword was this huge telekinetic wave that could stun a whole room full of enemies. It was free to use, so it was insanely overpowered to just spam that while your team was tearing them apart. If they decreased the size of the push and added a cost to it that’s an entirely unnecessary double nerf.

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From my playing with the force sword, the push lets you be a better melee class than the zealot. Being able to push enemies that refuse to switch off their guns is a blessing. I rarely have issues with peril. Now if you want issues with peril, we can talk about the force lightning staff since it doesn’t have the same benefits as Brain Blast. I also wouldn’t mind the block not making you explode if you use it accidentally at 100 peril on the force sword.

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Well they removed the peril cost today but reduced the push range from 5m to 3.75m

Worth it.

I’ve been playing the “new” Force Sword a bit and I have to say I like it a lot better, even with the reduced range. I still miss the pure insanity of CBT push attack that literally threw down a whole wave, but that was way OP. The “KD one enemy on Push Attack” (at least on Malice) is kinda cool actually, it gives some incentive to be mindful of when to use the full Push Attack and when just Push.