The force sword push changes stripped part of the strength of the weapon away instead of fixing what the community complained about

Force sword costing peril on PUSH was the complaint, the fix you chose was to remove it and gut the strenght of the push, costing force sword a monkeys paw type consequence to what should have been a simple request

move the peril cost to the push-stab, give the push-stab the previous push strength and range, the weapon remains as it was before and the push is now an option for regular horde combat and does not serve as a random reflex that kills you while under max peril

I do not see why this change had to cost such massive utility to satisfy the complaints


With the Force Swords otherwise weak crowd control it feels bad without the stronger push.

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For the love of god yes… the current toned down “single target” push-attack is really quite weak. It needed a normal push to not cost anything, but still needs it’s fancy peril inducing strong push.

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Oh yeah this is just what I wanted: a faster way to kill myself! :rofl:
Melee is what I resort to when I want to let peril die back down, not put myself in even more danger. It doesn’t matter than I can press F when peril builds back up again so fast from just doing melee combat the way “you’re supposed to” with blocks and pushes as well as attacks.

My suggestion returns a feature to force sword and stops players from accidentally killing themselves with it. you misunderstood the purpose of this suggestion.


No no I’m agreeing with you. My comment is about the changes not your suggestion.

Then in actual fact I misunderstood your reply.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I like your suggestion.

Fatshark please read this and consider. I totally agree. I was so excited to read the change then when actually testing it was massively let down.

Wait so the push was even stronger? I just started my Psyker yesterday after going through most heresy missions on my Zealot. I thought the push strength on the force sword was amazing lol