The Empire Resurgent Challenge Thread

Gonna use this thread a crowd-sourced breakdown of the easiest ways to get the various challenges for the 1337 challenge frame dealie from Empire Resurgent. Please post if you have additional information other than what I’ve already listed and I’ll add it to the OP.

Note: Upon successfully fulfilling the challenge requirements for these, you will receive a system message acknowledging it.

Master of Convergence - Align all three devices correctly within 30 seconds after the Athel Yenlui event starts.

The left switch rotates the outermost ring, the middle switch the middle ring, and the right the innermost ring.

Easiest way to get this is to have at least two ppl in the group take shade/RV/HS. 2x stealth characters on two switches then the other two people on the 3rd, one covering the other’s back while they turn.

Cage Breaker - Free all prisoners on Against the Grain within 60 seconds after opening the first cage.

There are two ways to do this. This is soloable as HM but it takes:

  • Dual Daggers
  • +10% Attack Speed
  • +40% Cooldown Reduction (30% from Talent)
  • +10% Movement Speed (5% from the Talent)
  • Decanter
  • Nearly flawless speedrun execution
  • Runs that don’t spawn non-event Trolls/Stormfiends
  • Potion RNG. Minimum 1x Speed or Concentration Pot required. If you get a 2nd or 3rd during the event, that’ll cinch the achieve if you path correctly.

The solo method’s a bit of a pain in the @ss though and, done perfectly with one pot, you’ll finish in about 58 second. Not a lot of margin for error and getting a good RNG run that has both a conc/speed pot for you and doesn’t block your path with a Troll/Fiend is pretty annoying and time consuming.

The easier way to do this is to just take a team of high mobility characters with max mvmt speed and CD reduction on. Three people start at the wooden gate as the last person pops the first jail open. One person runs directly to the 4th set of cages, one to the 3rd, one to the second, and w/e opened the original gate will open the 1st set of cages. This should get you the achievement easily.

Heldenhammer Time - Bring three Chaos Warriors into the end event of Righteous Stand and kite them until the statue of Sigmar detonates and kills them.

The above-mentioned speedrun-spec HM trivializes this, as they are essentially untouchable for the whole of the event, even if everyone else goes down. Similarly, this is soloable but it takes a while because you have to eliminate several waves of the event mobs while they’re mixed in with the level mobs. Much easier/faster as a team.

The hardest part of this is actually the RNG of finding 3+ CW anywhere near the event. In dozens of runs I’ve only seen this happen twice, and one of those was thanks to a patrol. If you don’t want to deal with the RNG, just have a HM or BW speedrun a huge chunk of the level and have the team follow while picking off w/e trash spawns.

Note: It looks like the statue’s effect may have near-infinite range, killing anything left alive and spawned in the level. You may be able to trigger the event with a bunch of CW still outside the door and get the achieve. If that’s the case, the easiest thing to do would be to have someone sacrifice themselves by holding the CW in place until the doors close and just kiting them there until the event’s over, or just dying. Either should work.

Note: You have to drag the CW in from both the grassy area and the ruins leading into the temple. Just don’t kill anything after the drop. I suggest doing this with 4 just in case one accidentally dies.

You Take Me Up - Get 15 mobs sucked up into Bubblebutt Hangnail’s warp storm during the boss battle

This has a tendency to bug out and you may have to redo the level if it just isn’t proc’ing no matter how many dudes you get sucked into the tornado at one time. You need 2+ full waves of enemies built up for this challenge and 15 enemies need to be in the tornado at one time.

Before you start the boss fight, have someone go into the arena alone and check the exit path for ambient mobs that might get aggro’d into the fight and deal with them. Last thing you need is some CWs or SVs hopping into the mix.

Damage the boss early in the flight. Don’t get him tooo close to death but low enough you can kill him fast once the challenge is complete.

I strongly recommend IB for this. When you’ve got enough mobs and he’s about to teleport to the middle, ult and run to the center. I recommend that anyone who will survive the tornado’s damage run into it as well just to guarantee every enemey is in it at once. Everything will follow the IB and get sucked up. Other than that, everyone just needs to run around pushing/dodging/blocking and avoiding Cumberbatch’s puss-projections. As soon as you get the challenge completion message, everyone should go full ham, clear all the trash out, and finish the fight asap. A Pyro with a conc pot is very handy for this part as it clears while hitting the boss and ensures at least one person will quickly get a large pool of temp health. BW w 100% block spec also trivializes this as long as they can consistently dodge the AoE.

A Little Something in Your Eye - Kill 25 enemies in Fort Brachsenbrucke by dropping the cannonball on then (must be thrown high/far enough that it explodes on impact).
Did this day of release. Have one character (100% block BW is best but that’s overkill) stand below the canon area (two floors down) and kite a circle around a group of rats. +60 Block Cost Reduction + 4 Staming w Parry helps but isn’t required (or take +100% Block Cost Reduction to trivialize this achievement). The rat whisperer just keeps herding clumps of rats at the bottom and the team grabs the cannon ball and throws it as high and as far as they can from the top floor into the rats below. If done correctly, the ball explodes when it hits the ground and kills a huge chunk of rats. Repeat until it tells you you’ve got the achievement in the chat log.

Blessed by the Father - Have the same player get hit by the puss from every bubo in the end event of Festering Ground.

Self-explanatory. Ideal classes to do this on are IB or a Kruber with max health and healing received. Stock up on med kits going in. Nothing special to know except that this, like most of these, bugs out sometimes and doesn’t always grant credit.

Evacuation Bell - Escape the level within 75 seconds of destroying the bell in The Screaming Bell.
Easily done solo on the above-mentioned HM speedrun. Same approach for a team, but have the other three people die. Save a Speed/Conc pot, crack the bell, skip the ogre, book it to the finish line. Anything that can run through clumps of mobs should be able to do this.

Feed Me, Sinner! - All four party members must remain in the summoning circle’s pool during the end event of Convocation of Decay for 120 uninterrupted seconds without leaving it.

Self-explanatory. Note, however, that you must remain in the stamina-draining pool for the entire duration of the event. People have tried this and it didn’t pop the achieve for them so it could be bugged. Either that or the event doesn’t last much longer than 120s, so the whole party needs to simultaneously jump from the platforms into the pool from the very beginning. I suggest a comp that has both WS + Pyro for 2x non-LoS special removal to deal with the gas rats that spawn, with an IB and Merc. DPS sit on their ults until they hear a gasrat spawn. Tanks save their for ohshit scenarios.

Advise from @shadowsprite -
Recommend having a handmaiden in the party, or everyone will always be out of stamina. handmaiden keeps everyone at full stamina throughout all of it. We did it this time without any seeking, and no handmaiden, was still rather easy to be honest. just one person looking each direction really. watch each others backs.

Glutton: Punishment - Kill the troll within 15 second of ringing the dinner bell in Hunger in the Dark.

The timing on this is extremely tight. Suggested comp: Shade (mandatory) + BH/WHC + HS + Pyro/RV. Last slot doesn’t really matter as much, as they’ll be dealing with adds. Pyro can dish out some ult’s onto the troll and RV levels out the RNG in getting bombs or pots. Either’s fine. My comp was Shade + HS + Pyro + BH.

Stock up on Conc/Strength pots and bombs throughout the level. Everyone needs to have Shrapnel and Decanter. The more people can spec into Damage vs Chaos/Monsters on top of crit, the better. Have the Shade, HS, and BH ready up across the bridge where the troll comes out, being careful not to stand directly in front of the door as this will trigger instant vomit. 4th player clears the horde and rings the bell. Everyone should drink their pots when they here the first bell as this is when the timer starts and w decanter you have 15s of pot anyways. Throw bombs to stack shrapnel as soon as the door opens then go balls out, being careful not to burn an ult while it’s in its invulnerable standing animation. During this time, the bell ringer should stand on the bridge and block the horde that usually comes.

Another way to do this is to have 3 people move to the exit door and have a HM with a conc pot + invis spec ring the bell. The HM then pops conc, runs at the troll and, once its on the bridge, dashes all the way to the exit door. The event blows the bridge up and the troll dies.

Unstoppable. Unsteerable. - Get Rodvarr to dash-tackle his own Chaos Warriors five times during the boss battle in The War Camp.
Did this day of release. This is easy and fun, but a lil tedious and annoying. Basically, just kite a single CW spawn around the arena, constantly trying to make sure the CW and the boss are aligned w w/e has aggro and each other. For the hit to count, the CW needs to get knocked to his knee by the dash. Do not allow more than one CW to be in play at any given time. Too many CW and the boss won’t leave the center or do dash attacks at all.

Strongly recommend BW w 100% block for this.

More Where They Came From - Get Spinespangledbanner to kill 20 of his own Skaven during the boss fight in Into the Nest.

All of his attacks can kill adds so this generally doesn’t take long. Do it before damage him, to maximize the time before you start getting SV. IB or 100% block BW helps but isn’t really required.

Powder Monkey - Complete the cart event in Empire in Flames without using any of the barrels that spawn specifically for the event (ie. bring 3x barrels from earlier on to the level all the way to the end).

For this one, you have to bring three barrels from earlier on in the level all the way to the event cart without them exploding. Thanks to @Amiba for the following: There are 3 pre-determined locations. The first barrel is behind where you start the level, the second is behind the building where you first drop down just after entering the town walls, and the last one is on the top floor of a building to the left before the last grim.

Communication for this is key. Always pre-select designated safe locations where you’ll put the barrels down when moving forward, well away from where they might be blown up. Just go slow and steady the whole time and, when in doubt, always wait for the next horde.

I strongly advise against using any Sienna for this, as all of her attacks tend to have a range/splash that makes it hard to avoid accidentally hitting a barrel.

Important Note: The barrels have to be put in the cart before you move it to the front.

Ride Together, Die Together - Kill Rasknitt and Deathrattler within 20 seconds of one another during the boss fight in Skittergate.

This one is pretty buggy and can be a real pain. I strongly recommend IB + Shade + BH + HS. Save your ults/pots for when Rasknitt dismounts and go berzerk on him, making sure the bosses go down evenly in health. If they’re pretty close, you should be able to get this regardless of who dies first. If anyone on your party ever dies, stop everything and wait to get them back up before triggering the next dismount.

Note: Rasknitt sometimes bugs out if he takes “lethal” damage before Deathrattler dies, ie. he can be at 0% health w/o dying for a very long time as he seems to occasionally get some sort of BS death protection that can make this challenge very cheesy. It’s safer and more reliable to kill Deathrattler first as, if you ever manage to damage him beyond where he should go to his knees and he doesn’t go to his knees, you’ve failed the challenge. It’s very dumb.


Good stuff. Yet to start so don’t have tips yet but will try to post once I have given them a try.

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As someone who browses the forums while at work, I am struggling to remember which each challenge is. May be worth putting in a brief summary of the challenge when you get the chance. Should make it a little easier to follow.


Finding some people to do this together would be great - thanks for listing the “solutions” for these challenges.

Done. Task descriptions added. They’re not the exact wording from the game, just a heads up. I worded them to try to make them a bit clearer as to what we actually have to do.

“Feed me Sinner” gives a system message in chat upon completion.

Succeeded by standing in the very center of the pool for almost entire event (we moved out once we got the system message)

Nobody jumping or anything.

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Awesome. Thanks. Any tips on it aside from what I already wrote?

I HIGHLY recommend having a handmaiden in the party, or everyone will always be out of stamina. handmaiden keeps everyone at full stamina throughout all of it.

We did it this time without any seeking ults, and no handmaiden, was still rather easy to be honest. just one person looking each direction really. watch each others backs.

Keep in mind that since you’re in the middle, the specials have to jump up on the edge before they can do their thing, so you have a moment to react to them if everyone is looking in different directions. (and as always, try to listen to where the specials are going to hop up from)

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Good call, I’ll update the OP to reflect that.

You should also put the fact that you get a system message on completion into the main post. ^^
Feel free to reference my pic if that’s possible.

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Will do. Yeah, you get a system message for all of these. I think I mentioned it in one but you’re right so I’ll add at the start of the OP.

Just had a player try the “Blessed by the father” one. (get bathed in the buboes stuff)

He stood under every one, popped them all himself, still did not get the unlock. Not sure what went wrong there… the only thing we can think of is that maybe you have to stand in the pools the entire duration of the acid?

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That could be it. I’ll add this as a note when I get home.

When doing the Heldenhammer Time challenge I found that after ringing the bell the statue wasn’t rising.

Me and my friends had an opposite issue: We got the challenge even without any CWs in sight. We decided it’s likely that the Hammer has a long range (effectively infinite?) and as we did sneak past a Chaos patrol just before the last drop, the hammer likely hit that patrol. So that might work as a luck-based way to skip or cheese the Challenge, although very likely unintended.

Everyone probably knows that here already, but just in case. To knock Rasknitt of from Deathrattler, you need to hit the creepy baby on his back. So mobile party that can flank him easily should be of help.


@Yzneftamz I’ll add that to the OP. Lore wise, that would make sense. To be fair, it’ll be hard to start the event leaving any ambient CW alive unaggroed outside a patrol but I’ll try this out next time. If that’s the case, the easiest thing to do would be to have someone sacrifice themselves by holding the CW in place until the doors close and just kiting them there until the event’s over, or just dying. Either should work.

@poplavok418 Yeah I was operating off a misconception that the final phase wouldn’t occur until Deathrattler was dead. having tried to do it the way I pre-scribed, I think they introduced death-protection onto him if you manage to one-shot him past his teleport phase. I think you have to get him to his knees before you finish Deathrattler.

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After spending a ton of time trying to get Powder Monkey, I found out that all the barrel spawns are not random. There are 3 pre-determined locations. The first barrel is behind where you start the level, the second is behind the building where you first drop down just after entering the town walls, and the last one is on the top floor of a building to the left before the last grim. I hope this helps everyone!


So I just did Halescourge a ton speedrunning as HM… The first time I swear there were at least 30 mobs in the tornado and nothing… did it twice more… still nothing. That first one though the whole damn level was in the casting zone. It was 100% mob-filled. Has anyone else had any issues with this?

@Amiba Thanks. Added that to the OP.

I’m having some trouble with this one too.
I think the problem is that you cant just be near the buboes, you have to be standing exactly where the pools form, so I’m guessing you have to know exactly where the pools will be first. I tried this a few times, even when standing on the buboes themselves and I sometimes did’t get hit by the puss.
Simply standing in the pools afterward is not enough.

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